Boneheaded Decisons by the Devs Part I: Potions

Discussion in 'Strategy' started by The_Philosopher, May 28, 2012.

  1. *steal jaydes pot*
  2. @ joe. No I don't really want to hit every time without pots. I am just pointing out what a boneheaded idea it was to introduce them in the first place. I am also pointing out that it help contribute to the present OSW Spy- build are supreme situation we got ourselves in presently in Kaw.
  3. Absence of evidence is not evidence of absence.
  4. that depends who the burden of proof is on.
  5. In before the lock 
  6. :D I enjoyed this OP, thank you!

  7. I agree with the basic idea that pots might have a been a move in the wrong direction, but there are numerous other factors that have made spies/hansels the dominant OSW build. Pots may have indirectly contributed to the rise of those builds buy its their inherent invulnerability that makes them dominant.
  8. I look forward to future installments lol
  9. Somewhat true. Hitting off the BL is no longer profitable. Your losing money
  10. They should make attk pots the SAME AMOUNT of $$$
  11. There are attack pots from Ebs. U can break past def pots. No need to call myth busters.
  12. I disagree. If you were to win more than you lose, that means everyone would have 51% or higher win loss. This wouldnt happen because (epic battles arent counted in this) when you win, the opponent losses. Thus its a 50%. Also, spies arent an intended build and are already overpowered. We dont need to boost them more.
  13. Part 2: Mith for sale.

  14. I think they should remove pots and if you hit off the BL you automatically win very time
  15. Hansels or pure spies were not originally meant to be part of the game
  16. "New rule: if the system detects over 15% (min. 1, rounded up) spy buildings, they will be deleted automatically." :lol:
  17. Be quiet, Maher.
  18. Wow.

    To even begin to describe how dumb you really are would take me a long time atleast 100 paragraphs (I'm very descriptive)

    Potions aka pots/items were created for a 2 sole purposes -

    1. For extra protection/defence.

    2. For me to burn (not actual purpose)

    But seriously dude as the game evolved and gold got more and more common the devs upped the price. You don't have to buy them. You don't have to be a complete princess and protect your billions in gold and allies. You could just have no pots and loose billions every time you took a hit, be that from BL or war.

    I think my version is much more realistic. Don't you?

    /nuff' said.
  19. This thread is stupid toast has summed up my argument
  20. I enjoy OP's threads. Whether you agree or disagree you must admit they are well writen and he invested some time and thought into them.