Boneheaded Decisons by the Devs Part I: Potions

Discussion in 'Strategy' started by The_Philosopher, May 28, 2012.

  1. @Phil

    Actually I will cease to mudslinging as I actually don't want this tread locked.
  2. It will not get locked , Moose will clean it up after your "argument" is done.
  3. Not intentionally, phil. If I were trying to get this thread locked, it'd be far easier to tell, but I don't do that kind of stuff.

    Merely remembering why I used to never reply to igcb; he's too arrogant. More so than you possibly  ;P
  4. This is an interesting thread. Can we not pull it off topic? Thanks.
  5. Since these'll be deleted soon anyways,
    [whiney-voice]igcb started ittt! :cry: [/voice]
  6. Arrogant? Says the one who thinks being popular on forums should be a goal in life.



    What are you even doing on a potion discussion thread? You barely even have any.
  7. @ joe. This is speculation, but since the game is called Kingdoms at War, it is my belief that the devs original intention was to have us fight each other and grow through that way. However in attempt to slow our prossess, the devs introduced new pots that were too expensive and too powerful for the builds availible to us at the time (no highlands, no tier 4).

    Note that I am saying that pots were a big factor in the rise of the pwar and death of the battle board. I am not saying they were the only reason.
  8. I dont need defense pots. I have antlers.
  9. Igcb puts so many false words in my mouth, they must come from reflection on himself. Show me one time I cared about being popular.

    Phil, this comes back to being able to farm someone forever if they have just slightly lower stats. Defense pots for the attacked, then the attacker has to be able to beat them, but at a higher cost.
  10. I tend to disagree. I say the rise of the pwar was the reason the battle list died. The pwar became popular when people discovered it was easier to hit and made more money.
  11. I digress:
    The igcb/toast comedy show is entertaining. Lol. Just make sure you keep your insults on topic with the thread. Lol
  12. Sorry if I was being paranoid about my thread being locked, but over half my threads do get locked, mostly by Corinthian but these days by Bellemorte. Yesterday I made an innocent thread asking about a alleged 30 Tril strip and she locked it. lol
  13. This is sadly true.
  14. Phil, I think that you leave out human emotion and desire entirely in your views. Unfortunately, those are highly prevalent in a game played by such humans.
    Pots could technically be a SMALL factor in battle list, but that's all it would be: small. Greed, power, and speed are all much bigger factors.

    If you'll all excuse me, I need to shower and do some work. Because I know you're all highly considerate and would never trash someone while they're unable to defend themself, thought you'd want to know. :roll:
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  16. Good that she's gone, it'll stop everyone from having to read her garbled up ********.
  17. @ joe.

    I'm not sure if you ever been a pure spy or have OSfed in a pwar, but I was very frustrated that attack builds with just one or two spy buildings could have a better than 50% of stopping my big spy build just because they bought a few pots. Dawnstar took it to an exstreme when he was 5 mil/3mil/0/0, relying entirely on allies and pots for spy defense. If my spy build could have made decent money of the battle board it would have, but alas OSfing was his only option to get quick growth.
  18. That is unfortunate. Did you ever try using attack potions? It sounds like you are just complaining because you want to be able to hit every single time with no pots.
  19. Hey moose why wuz that thread locked
  20. lol Sure it's your choice if you don't want to WAR ever.

    It's a great way to take gold out of the game.

    But they do cancel each other out, so in the long run...they make little difference.

    I do enjoy them for banking purposes though, especially now.