Boneheaded Decisons by the Devs Part I: Potions

Discussion in 'Strategy' started by The_Philosopher, May 28, 2012.

  1. @igcb
    I post my opinions where relevant. If your opinions are weak and unfounded, might as well not have any.
    If someone wants to argue my opinion, that's up to them. If you're so butthurt about me posting them, why not contest them or post your own?

    When they're not my opinions, they're most often right. Just saying.
  2. You make more in a pwar because you attack people with much larger tats than you have, not because of the cost of potions. Potions did not start and continue pwars, the fact that you could attack a person 15 times bigger than you and win every single time did.
  3. I would prefer to lurk this thread with out reading personal attack comments.

    Is that too much to ask?
  4. One side issue that I didn't get into was how incredibly stupid some are these pots are.

    The mystical sword is supposed to give our armies a "burst of rage" duirng battles. If that is the case, why do I need they Elixer of Rage for? And how, exactly do the devs expect my spies to wear two cloaks at time? And why are these things all one-shot use? Do I keep misplacing my Magical dagger and canary so much that I have to buy thousands of them? :lol:
  5. Philo:
    If you have ever played any nintendo game (super Mario brothers, for example) you realize that games are about fun, not logic.
  6. Hell, it goes beyond nintendo. Almost all games are based on fun, and pesky logic takes a back seat. It must.
  7. @Moose

    Sure, just tell Toast to remove his head from his ass, maybe then he can stop tasting his hair follicles.
  8. You try naming 40 medieval magic potions lol :p
  9. That's definitely a side issue. Who cares about the logic behind what physical representation the stat bonus carries?
  10. @ joe. Why did you win every time? Because the pwar target had no pots to stop you with.

    Why did the spies let you win? Because it was the only way they could make any serious money to grow.
  11. @igcb
    I beg your pardon, but for the nth time, stop calling me a he.

    If you don't like my opinions, don't read them. I post what I think or what I know, whichever is applicable. Deal with it.
  12. @Moose

    People don't spend 1,000 upon 1,000 of dollars to beat world 9 level 3... Your statement is invalid. This game requires some spending of real money IF you are not to spend a year or more of 24/7 activity for HLBC.

    Or to War even...
  13. @Toast

    Then stop acting like a wound up dick wad.
  14. You're not seeing the point of my post, Phil. The pwars are attractive because it's easy money, not because the pot's cost is SO overbearing. And why would the OSF buy pots? That would go against the entire reason they became an OSF. They'd be shooting themselves in the foot.
  15. Sigh....... I can see that you two ladies are going to continue the mud slinging...... Could you at least take it to pm?
  16. No can do, moose. Silenced, as per usual.
  17. hmmm I wonder if the mudslinging is a deliberate attempt to get another one of my threads locked. lol It is no secret that neither of these guys is my biggest fan.
  18. Selling popcorn for 1$ enjoy the show ladies and gentleman.
  19. Toast:
    Lol. Fair point.

    I will clean your thread if need be.