Blub Blub 

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  1. Pretty hilarious IMO 
  2. Whaaaaaat? Who are u even? lol I'm a catfish now? Second time I'm accused of such and again, I'll take it as a compliment️

    But yeah, getting on trains or in clans of big alliance with fake names/banners is not a new thing. Still fun though. And this blubbing is highly entertaining so far. So why not?
  3. Oh it must be the max butthurt. He's the one who 'exposed' my catfishness by calling me one in forums

    Is there a reason u can't get my name outta ur head? Bringing me up on an irrelevant thread pleases my ego, but do share
  4. Well done detective, you sourced the information on how a aquite a fake Apocalypse banner. (Even if I'v modified it)
    But again as I explained to Huma, it's the anger that can result from such a simple act is what I'm trying to highlight.
  6. Lock this thread same crap as last time. Consider this as spamming
  7. Last thread was removed, for no apparent reason I might add, and so I reposted.
  8. Spamming? You're as delusional as Roni
  9. unless your username is literally "Blaze" you are mis-spoken. I did not say Blazey
  10. Wait a minute...
    So Blazey ISN'T a catfish?
  11. I have no experience with this user.
  12. Who is this Blaze you speak of?
  13. 
  14. We kicked to avoid future confusion lol
  15. Why. It leached just like Blub did
    You dont want it to do the same there?
  16. Nah it was inactive and we are at peace as of right now so have some guests, he was one. I never liked his name though :/
  17. Lmao this is funny, nothing like a good thread in forum to make people laugh. Blunt blub