Blub Blub 

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  1. It's clear to see that the Apocaflops and I have such a good good bond! They go out of their way to even make banners dedicated to me, seeing I go to such great lengths to improve theirs.

    Then, the day Blubbers was born, Apocaflops gave me the honour of being part of their well organised and managed trains. As I plundered off their kind hearts, as they dropped seals and Battle Cries all in the aid of little old me.
    But then, things changed! The room was filled with rage! Nothing could stop this anger!

    It was at this moment I knew IMF and I would be best of blubbers.

    On this train I also learned just how much Apocaflops love Resilience's Resilient_ZombieTrooper as they seem to have went to such great efforts to have people hitting him, although it seemed in this case that wasn't going so well.....
    Not only this we can see the great respect Apocaflops have with each other shown no better than by King of Stl

    Soon came Monkey Machine, and it was clear once again my friendship with IMF would grow even stronger!

    But then! From a chat far, far away, my dreams crush. Everything I knew and everything I thought to me was ruined. News was braught to me, and it was then that my friendship with IMF was in peril!

    So in my time of need to calm the nerves I turned to Aztec who kindly let me in, and as it turned out were already having a chat about me before I joined.

    So with many visits to Apocaflops trains it seems even Apocaflops own don't have faith in each other....

    And then this one I just had to include because it is the truth.

    Then one day, things changed, Apocaflops began to hit me with the insults that mattered. Never mind them saying I should play in traffic, or telling me I am a turd. The day came when they went too far!

    Things were tough for me after that but it seemed Apocaflops themselves only want to make fun of such an insult. I couldn't imagine why. (Again this was found on this magical chat far, far away)

    Then came a glimpse into the past, where I found even more of the good times Apocaflops and I have shared.

    And I know you lot like me really...

    Blub Blub
  2. Oh boy another Photo Gallery thread.
  3. Lmao . I can't see any reason why they'd delete your thread this time round  no more crying to friends of devs #devsareapoc
  4. #repeatersareoncan successfully play kaw again
  5. In the 4th picture from the bottom there is a bypass in the photo! I'd get that taken out otherwise they'll lock/delete thread!
  6. Devs are apoc mods are apoc
    This game is apoc
    Zta is apoc??
    Illuminati confirmed
  7. They might not even use a reason. Not as if it has happened before...
  8. Funny stuff up there.,.blub
  9. Here we go again. Dude. Not really the end of the world that you create a fake banner and get into a train. Really not hard. The idiotic part is you think your are in an osw and this is how you show it.  you are making your clan look like little kids. But hey, what ever floats your boat.
  10. Little kids  Dkod is where all the cool middle aged hang out. We just enjoy when you all get blubby on us
  11. lol middle age hang out :lol:
    is that like a midlife crisis? I am sure they make meds for it.

    First thread was cooler btw
  12. No this is how I show how angry some Apocaflops get when I use my fake banner to get into Apoc trains and clans.
  13. I feel so well informed now although I won't use this information in the future.
  14. Hopefully this won't get deleted, those dang robots and poo squad
  15. Love it Bax 
  16. Apoc tags are easy to get guys. Its not like they dont have threads woth their banner. Its not like the emoji's in said banner's aren't one quick search away of "emoji's" on google.
    Nothing new guys

    Paige is still the best person i know in that alliance. Don't bring her up or :p

    (edit) Ffs Blaze did the exact same thing.
    I told yall the truth. Once a catfish always a catfish
    You can Catch Blaze in Fury Now.
  18. lol this was epic and all it takes is a banner rip
  19. Or is it you? Seems like Apoc have a bunch of children for Admins.