Blood Rains

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  1. Needs to be 3 tiers 1-3/4-10/11-13! So smalls can hit but bigs have more of a challenge!! Not sure the change to bonus but it would be nice for everyone to be able to hit:)
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  2. 100% support! Very unfair that mid & large size clans always have BR options, but not small clans. It's been a week (or longer?) since smalls have had a BR to hit. Devs pls fix!
  3. That would make sense so I doubt that will happen.
  4. More accessibility never hurt anyone but is blood rains really that difficult to hit? o.o
  5. Right now it’s tier 8 & 10 above what people can hit till after highlands complete if built properly
  7. 1 event rewards tier will gain enough stats to hit any BR so I don’t see the issue here.
  8. Exactly. You can finish 1 war beast, open free chest, collect first tier rewards, and start building on abyss if you want, then hit any BR.

  9. They actually removed the first tier (100), lowest tier is now 500
  10. Ok, a new player would still be able to hit any BR just by barely playing the game
  11. The issue is not a player being able to hit BR, it’s that small clans can’t finish a high tier EB which is all they offer for BR typically since most players would scoff at a TFO BR. Remember that we should also be promoting clan loyalty not clan hopping
  12. LMFAO
  13. Exactly
  14. Full support
  15. Full Support
  16. As a clan owner of a clan for small and new accounts, I cannot stress enough how under-served we are with BR ebs. It wouldn't hurt ATA to give us a little support and make small tier ebs available to us at all times, the same way large tier br ebs are available to all others.

    The issue is just as serious to us as it would be for big accts/big clans if only warbeast br were made available to them for a week.
    Either offer brs for all or for none! Also, unless ATA is averse to earning money, why isn't HTE BR ALWAYS available? Smalls have money to spend too. 100% support!
  17. pls shut up
  18. Thank you all for your support:)
    Please continue to keep the support up!
    The brand new accounts with thank you:)

  19. Whether or not smalls have a br to hit doesnt effect you either way, lol. Having tfo br always on is non issue to everyone except the smalls it will help. But the full time hte br is the one that may happen; cash rules.