Blood Rains

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  1. As some of you may have noticed, you are getting notifications about completing Ambush BR from many hours ago.

    The devs are aware of this issue. It was caused when they tried to send out compensation for EBs not dropping correctly.

    If you completed a higher BR with a better %, you should get your higher % back shortly.
  2. Better solution, just give everyone one level of EE bonus for 2 weeks. Folks would love the devs and it might prompt more warring if folks found they liked having it. Then no need to fix the BR percentages.
  3. Ty for info.sad that you have to do devs job and inform us.told them a million times to post in forums when they are aware of a problem so we know that they are on it.
  4. Not really a better solution, you just want stuff handed to you :lol: . The better solution is fixing the BR percents. Otherwise everyone would have EE bonus and still complain about %'s.
  5. After the 1st issue of Ambush notifications they should have stopped them,not keep sending them out seems pointless to even run the 13% TSG again just to have it reversed by another ambush notification.Gold lost from Goth oe the Nessie eb's will be quite a lot,will they send out the make up gold the same way giving everyone lump sums.That will never happen,having a notification for a 9% br sent out 52 hrs after the fact is somewhat insane.
    Good job ATA.
  6. Come on Monkeys, fix the BR issue!! :evil:
  7. I really needed my 13% at this time, because I do not use an EE after (personal reasons), this is absurd.
  8. It's unfair because we are few players that we get 13% on time (I had to do it 2 times and they took it off again) and others did not even make a sacrifice to get it.
  9. Hey folks! Yeah, there was an unexpected error when we started running a compensation for that recent Totem issue. We're currently running a script that will convert your 9% BR bonus back to 13% and refresh it. We'll also toss a xtal for the inconvenience!
  10. Thank you for the xtal, daddy
  11. They corrected their mistake then it reset to the lower br% again. Compensation for loss of plunder of all ebs hit would seem a reasonable start in compensation i think.
  12. Yes, however that would be a huge pain to calculate.