blitz p1

Discussion in 'Activities' started by -Rio-, Aug 21, 2015.

  1. So, under an hour in...

    14 pinions, FOURTEEN!

    That's 14x500 = 7 THOUSAND so far.

    I'm getting 22 per hit..

    Double with spell = 44

    With sword too = 66 ish

    That's 106 successful drops, maybe 5 drops per bar? That's 10 xtals already.

    That's insane, c'mon guys lol
  2. Not bothering with pvp this time. Just gonna war, better rewards anyway. I spent 15 bucks last pvp blitz and made trash
  3. You've dropped 10 xtals for 14?๎’๎’๎’that's garbage man.
  4. The PVP blitzs are not even really worth the ammount
    With the season wars on it just not even worth doing PVP Blitzs
  5. I dropped 4 Xtals and got 20 pinions
  6. I dropped no xtals and got 30

    Did I do something wrong here? :s
  7. What the heck r pinions?
  8. why even xtal on targets who pay 66 when you can hit 80 or higher
  9. It was an example lol. This was written an hour after blitz started
  10. No thats what I got aswell easy and free way to get 5k for the main event but noobs dont understand that.
  11. i could tell you the same thing 2 months ago :p