Black Widow Army

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  1. Welcome to the New and Improved Black Widow Army Thread! (and clan )

    WARNING: THIS IS A CLASSIFIED AREA. NO CRYBABIES ALLOWED. (That role has been taken by Sorr.)

    Meet the Council!


    Theres me, Lovely. Also called Deni. Also called Alyssa. Been playing since 2012.


    There's Hank. Have an issue with someone in BWA, or whatever? Go to him. That is all.


    Here we have Soracchi. He will do anything for a nickel. Anything…..


    And then there is Paz. He looks mighty pretty, don't he? That's why he is paid the big bucks.



    We are mostly retired players coming out of the woodworks. We have an eb running, and we are getting up in the tiers but we also almost always have a target in CA. Not for any real reason other than Hank gets pissed off and he has CA rights. (Whoopsies)


    We don't really have a lot of rules… No min CS….

    Tho, I recommend not biting off more than you can chew. We support 1v1 and pvp but like.. We aint your babysitting meat shields either. Also, don't piss off the admins. They will kick and CA you like no one's business.

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  2. Sorry. I hate new forums. No user friendly formatting or coloring. Ugh. Anyways. Hi. We exist.
  3. I’m so glad you got my good side 🌝
  4. Awe hank. All your sides are your good side. 💋
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  5. i joined and deni spanked me in cc =(
  6. I maybe if you weren’t acting up...
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