Black Hand vs. Clan A Family

Discussion in 'Wars' started by *Abc123DoRayMe (01), Mar 12, 2015.

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  1. o_O_____Flog_____o_O. My reset bomb is worth more than your crabby allies. Why would anyone make a deal with a known runner, deceiver, and liar like you anyway?
  2. Lmao
  3. Apparently I don't hit, but I guess when my spies evade your lil Sdt you don't know it's me lmao I have been self pnz on you Noobs all day
  4. So selfie/skinnyminny is Alison? Maybe you remember me Alison you claimed to attack me at one point in time  after I called you out in forums about your run in with kotfe then resetting to hide.  Its been months since then and yet I still have no inc why is that? If you trash talk back it up don't just trash talk.

    # pointless post to piss off Alison and see if I finally get some inc cheers

    Support to BH ️ Proud WH member till it collapsed.
  5. You've been self pinning this whole time supposedly you say? I thought you just said you were inactive because of rl issues? You make up so many stories your having a hard time keeping up with them huh.
  6. Why would anyone want to deal with an egotistical, self centered ***** like you?
  7. We all know the coolest guy on this forum... GUCCI MANG!!!
  8. Self pinning today.. You really are confused about what I'm saying or just trying to make something out of nothing. However if you are so inclined to know, I will happily give you a detailed description of the RL issue that lead me to being potentially inactive. However if for whatever reason you do not want to know, then Id appreciate you being quiet and not commenting on what you don't understand.
  9. The anonymous noob's getting angry, yikes. 
  10. Perdition. Instead of commenting why don't you join Clan A and get your ass handed to you.
  11. By who the self pinning wanna be? Or the people he called in to save his failing clan lol.
  12. You can't handle Cosa Nostra you AWP nooblet. Now get back to your ebs
  13. Hahahaha bh n family getting wooped already most of your membs have went inactive and not hitting

    # target practice
  14. Dont need a statless alt defending us, ty though.
  16. Yea cause Awp in der worthless hansels couldn't pinned a fly under der thumb even if it was already dead. :)
  17. Talking crap from your HTE clan lmao
  18. Please can db4d get some inc our cc is fulll of this n that person pinned
  19. Acting hard from a dead osw clan :)
  20. I don't know about that, their opponents look more dead, there 40m cs accounts are hitting me instead. Poor yafi, too afraid to hit the clan they are "warring" (more like playing dead while Na relentlessly fights)
Thread Status:
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