Black Hand vs. Clan A Family

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  1. Black Hand has decided to call out the entire Clan A Family. Clans fighting in this (confirmed) are as follows.

    Aztec alliance
    Magic Spank Bank.
    Chaotic Pride
    Death B4 Dishonor
    Reb0rn Legacy


    Black Hand
    Orange Hand

    Who will win this war?

    I have not received any reports on strips so far, any large ones (over 1 trillion) I will update here.

  2. Obligatory statless alt post.
  3. An incoming failed steal attempt from ZenLSA, curious as I haven't hit anybody of that name or clan recently. In OSW apparently, funny you failed that steal against my meagre defence.

    Could this be your main account? Who knows.
  4. wow lots of osw on now

    Few that I can't say yet 
  5. Whats with not being to post with your main. Do you cri errytym?
  6. Leave these threads to Philosopher..
  7. there is someone in blackhand who has 1T in allies? 
  8. Lol
  9. Frog stayed in an osw and didn't run?
  10. I thought awp was also in on it as it was aztecs vs awp originally then escalated to this point.
  11. Bought OP for 14,068, I am a little stress now that I have an ally to be stripped.
  12. Someone stripped you. Quickly! Go pin or bank!. :)
  13. Gold still out, no incoming yet!
  14. 14,000 strip. Someone start hte. Get those Xtals ready!
  15. The only way they can get us to cf is to bore us to death
  16. I get so tired of the "bore us to death" statement from tiny builds lol

    Anyone else find this pathetic when someone says this?
  17. Its not a tiny build saying it...
  18. Yes it is. 7/7m spy is tiny comparatively. You realize 29/29m is a large spy right? So 14.5/14.5m would be a mid. Half of that means he is a small build. Get with the program mate
  19. Hey monkey. I am going to try scouting you. I wanna know your build. Don't mind me!
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.