Black Hand declares war on AoW (V2)

Discussion in 'Wars' started by IlI_xXBlackHandXTREMEXx_llI, Sep 5, 2014.

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  1. If yall havent gotten this loud and clear, I'm pretty sure machines just invited anyone on that ally list on BH cp to join.

    P.S. its funny that Bh keeps getting changed to hb  maybe my autocorrect is trying to tell me which is more important.
  2. Don't go jumping at shadows meg is no longer os ur mole sucks lol
  3. Still the biggest balls you have are jenni's. That's disappointing to say the least. Drag the hb name through the mud some more. I feel bad for the hb members that gave you the name that you continue to disgrace. 1t out still come get it, if jenni's nuts aren't bigger than yours. Not worried at all.
  4. This isn't even fun to bystand on. Just boring. Trash talk and lying.

    But then again, what wars are fought evenly anyways?
  5. Washing machine, you've been asked to leave this thread twice now, I'd have thought kotfe mods would've taught you better. Enjoy your forum ban.
  6. The hb auto correct, couldn't be more correct. anyone in BH with more than a hb to give me let's see it. I'll be here waiting. Won't hold my breath
  7. Forum ban me. I'm on topic, just showing kaw what a home you are 
  8. Washing machine fb stls.
  9. megan is the halfNymph account i know its her alt ifighted her on it. lol shes too scared to bring in her main and use it else she would have. her alt could have ran gator milkers clan easyily
  10. Whoa Xtreme. Give jenni get balls back! I love your hb of steals. Anyone else with some nuts in BH? Didn't think so. I'll sit pretty
  11. You know your bad at trash talking when you resort to posting your attacks.
  12. So now ncu starts hitting me? Wow 
  13. I thought bh and it's cronies had better things to do
  14. I don't believe ncu is black hand koala
  15. Does SirHayden have an account that wasn't bought to try and steal me? Using the old lagrosa account is . Check my wall. HUbed and the rest of hb is still . Let's go boys and girls. WASH open 
  16. Well someone from ncu started farming me and stripping my only ally?
  17. Fun read 
  18. Koala relax dude.. Nobody cares about your silly ass
  19. I'm been smacking bh bums since the beginning with hardly any returns. Don't hold your breath wash
  20. Koala nobody even knows who you are
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Not open for further replies.