Black Hand declares war on AoW (V2)

Discussion in 'Wars' started by IlI_xXBlackHandXTREMEXx_llI, Sep 5, 2014.

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  1.  Hi Mr Culyer!! Hope you're doing well 
  2. Lmao this funny go BH
  3. this is outrageous!

    no indi or what
  4. hell ya war war war dumm ass cf is gone gimmy war baby :evil: :twisted:
  5. I think they cancelled indi so I guess not :(
  6. Sissy said you warred well.........what more do you want? Lol
  7. [​IMG]

    Snowball effect started by someone in black hand. Nuff said see you in your news feed!

    AoW stay off this thread as per AoW Boss Nideus
  8. But did you surrender to BH?
  9. Such good photoshop skills nid hahaha ;)
  10. Just looking at world announcement, the aow ss came after the bh ss
  11. The plot has gotta thicker and chunkier
  12. Black Hand still exist? Thought it died for the 100th time 
  13. Not a Photoshop, pretty sure I'm not the only one that seen Jenni run her nasty mouth. Right after some chic from aow declared victory.
  14. Whohoo! I can slap sissy more! :D
  15. Pal SS are literally a joke. Anyone can fake, not claiming that is but regardless it's unable to be taken seriously.
  16. Bootsy is a joke. :D
  17. You mean AoW are going to regrain from talking Nideus.

    Most of AoW will explode at even the thought of that
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.