BLACK FRIDAY: The Tools of the Trade

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  1. We need a guide on how to read this guide.
  2. Click click clic . What?? Whateve . Click click clic . BLAH friday sale. 👎👎
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  3. Wow Kaw. I don’t really know what to say here.
    First, market is way to full and clunky. It’s a mess beyond comprehension.
    Second, too much introduced for such a short time period.
    Third, you severely missed the mark on what players wanted.

    A “clan based” event on a promo weekend? Dumb. You know how that is going to end. A real clan based event would remove items earned when someone leaves clan. Good job giving anyone lucky enough to be in a p2p clan at event end a huge boost in drops. This in no way helps clans or clan loyalty.
  4. I don’t know what to say, or think, or do. These event instructions are nonsense, or is it the event itself that’s unintelligible?
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  5. Seriously, what? Path, path, path.
  6. This is way too complicated. Sorry, you lost me on this one.
  7. Now I understand what to do, I quite like this type of event.
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  8. I don't know if it's because my phone is kind of old, but I can barely (and I really mean barely) scroll through the market now
  9. Utter rubbish.... Ata needs to get its act together.... This what happens when you smoke to much.....
  10. We released an update that should fix this issue! Please try updating your client and see if that helps :)
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  11. So really, should I buy the next item or save? And to do what with which? I have no clue what this event is all about and it's very exceptionally boring

  12. Hmmm yeah I think you need to try again.

    It's not just you, it's all phones
  13. ****For anyone who doesnt understand event****

    Let me simplify what they were trying to explain.
    I'll use the warrior path to keep it simple.

    Step 1: hit ebs get super low drops.
    Step 2: event ends and you get your pay out.
    Step 3: go to market and buy as many "tier 1 umbral attack training" as you can. (MAX 450)
    Step 4: go over 1 slot in the marketplace to the "tier 1 umbral training grounds plans" as you can. (MAX 25)
    Step 5: repeat this process until you have maxed out both of these items.
    Step 6: once you have 5,500 purchase the final tier "tier 1 umbral-powered army" (MAX 1)
    Step 6: rinse and repeat for the final 5 additional tiers.

    The more of these side items you have the better your EB drop rate is for majn legend event items.

    The main problem is this is a 7 day event, had it been a 90 day event it might have been a cool idea. However the drop rate mess has turned this event in to a wash for 96% of the remaining player base. Which actually doesnt really give insentive to whales to spend as they dont need to spend as much to stay ahead in my opinion. As usually Devs, pretty good idea just terrible execution leaving much to be desired.
  14. Yeah, and even the whales are enraged with how bad the drop rate is
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  15. Absolute clown-event. Ata managed to completely ruin the event for anyone that‘s f2p.
  16. Anyone else getting worse Tier 2 drops then Tier 1 drops even with everything maxed for both? Nope, just me? Rip the bigger tier requirement ☠️
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  17. Explanation for this "so special" side event is non sensical.
    Just wtf are you supposed to do?
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  18. And clans, didnt even include clan event goals, just a top 3 clan lb, Nk clans will win and only the admins get anything as anyone else wasnt in the clan long enough.

    How many people actually benefit from the clan event? 60-70 split between 3 clans?

    There was no consideration to the side legend event drop rate, when i thought each teir of buffs stacked i knew it was impossible, now that i know they dont its just sad .

    Why are main legend drops quartered and the event time cut in half?

    Why is the biggest event of the year a 50% plunder bonus

    Why was the new event item not considered in the black friday deal ?

    Why are players spending hundreds and still struggling?

    Why is the side legend so unnecessarily clunky , making the marketplace hell to use , you couldn't even put in the effort to make the other two paths dissapear when you pick one?

    Why did you have to put them in the marketplace twice?

    Why did you decrease haunt drops when it was obvious paid/teir 11 battles just needed a bigger boost?

    Why did you wait until top NK clans complained to put a band aid on the ripped in half body you call a drop rate?

    Im sure you all know the answer to the last one, they have something that rhymes with the "host honey"
    And it doesnt take someone with a M-M-M-M-Masters degree to see what letter you replace the "H's" with


    I have been patient and defended these terrible developers for years against comments I knew deep down were entire true , why do I even bother writing this, nothing will change until we stop spending and that only change will be the closure of kaw.

    The developers can't possibly be so stupid, Kaw hasnt been dying, its been slowly and intentionally murdered for years, the apes gleefullly passing the knife around taking turns

    Anyone who doesn't see at this point that they are trying to expidite the closure of the game is blind.
  19. Hi. Can you either A) allow us to trade tier 1 and tier 2 into higher tier items or B) increase eb drops more/ make the drop rate for t1 t2 items stop after moving to next tier

    Sincerely, Someone chasing t10 indi
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