BLACK FRIDAY: The Light of Annihilation

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  1. We will consider this for future events :)

    Also, as a general update:
    We are doing some re-balancing of the event drops due to the fact that extremely quick EBs (e.g. Haunting) were paying out as much as the longer EBs. With this new change, these faster EBs will not pay out as much; longer EBs such as the Wrath of the Sveruganti series (LOTL/GOTH/NOTH) will be receiving small increase, as well as the new Revenge of the Radiant series and NK. Thanks for your understanding!
  2. Change it back you've practically made it impossible for free 2 play and for pay to play its barely manageable it was balanced when the free ebs were giving out more you've practically made this event even harder than it already was
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  3. As if you consider or test anything before you push out events and promos.. ded
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  4. It’s obvious that the devs don’t play their game. They don’t realize how what they do affects things. And they’re complete imbeciles.
  5. S
    So a small increase for LOTL/GOTH/NOTH is actually a 60% decrease in drops. Thank. Appreciate the p2p catering
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  6. "We will consider this for future events." Wow. It's almost as if the devs benefit from the Premium, Paid, eb clans are on top because that means people are literally spending money to try and oust each other on the leaderboard.

    This event was so poorly run I'm honestly surprised. First you make the last 'event' 7(?) days shorter without increasing drops. Nearly 40% less people completed 50k.

    Then you release this event which incentivizes spenders to band together and create superclans (NK Clans), the explanation is god awful, the marketplace is a clownshow and honestly needlessly complicated, the devs are so lazy they just put all the items in a list instead of making the UI more intuitive: why not make the items a collapsible list? Or make the event items a seperate page.. just confused.

    Also you decide to rebalance after you realize people have a chance to finish maybe a part of the event if they hit Haunts instead of N/G. Incredible.
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  7. I would’ve thought that if they’ve changed the drop rates, they’d at least change the number of items to get to the next tier
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  8. Yeah noth payout now less than haunt was.

    ATA please try again.....
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  9. I gave up on events
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  10. Yes balancing events on holiday weekends is possible for the staff but managing seasonal wars on a normal weekend is impossible 🙄
  11. The only thing you annihilate is the players' hope.
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  13. I have completed tier 4 and purchased the thing to go to tier 5. 3 ebs in a row without t5 items dropped
  14. After the initial problems with balancing, I think the event itself is a good concept and I look forward to seeing how the devs make new ones in the future.

    The only problem is the clan leaderboard. Current the top 3 places are held by clans with rolling membership which I don’t think is a great representation of the top clans of KAW.

    A possible solution could be that the event gets announced 24 hours prior to the start of the event and clan leaders can choose to opt in their clan for the clan side of the event. When the leader does this, clan members then have until the event starts to stay or leave and once it starts, the roster locks. At least then this would ensure that the top clan stayed the same throughout the event. But at the moment, it’s set up in such a way that a person could join the top three in the last hour and then get the rewards it seems. Would be interesting to hear others ideas on this side of things.
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  15. Most confusing crap ever and nothing I purchase or do makes the third thing in tier one available... "NOT ENOUGH!"... (common sense either).

    I don't have an entire day to devote to figuring out your labyrinth of mumbo jumbo, but it'd be nice if I could at least pass tier 1.

  16. ATA is a FOR profit enterprise. Catering to free-to-play players is poor business practices.
  17. Remove the score earned by the players that left the clan from Clan’s total.
  18. Spoken like someone who never studied management or any other subject related to economics.
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  19. This Event was indeed very messy didn't seem worth my time.
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  20. BF Event = BF FAIL.
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