Black Friday: The Dark Caravan

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  1. Rewards are awfully low for having to do so much in so little time
  2. This is mainly good for those who do the eb thats out for a limited amount of time usually get around 250 per eb
  3. Difference between running a business and running a scam. Businesses deliver products. The more energy the devs put into promoting money grab promos over developing the war system (their product)wrecks their credibility as a company.
  4. Well Reaching 5000plumes is tough one and if somehow or the other i make 5k plumes, it's reward are not good.Would be great if you increase the rewards, So most of us can try hard to reach 5k. Thanks!
  5. Is this equipment enchantable?
  6. Yeah greedy dev! How dare you try to make money with your business 
  7. This one is well set up, thank you. Obviously a very short gap between last promo and this one but it's also Black Friday related so that's at least understandable.

    Personally though, nice to see everything just a bit smaller. Not very long, one drop to get instead of four, only one piece of equip, etc. It's simple, which frankly, is a nice change of pace.

    Thank you Devs. For those that were gonna buy stuff and use it, we appreciate getting some extra bonus stuff for doing so.
  8. Increase silver bars payout for rewards plz
  9. Besides the gap between events, i support this type over the usual ones
  10. ....annnnnnnddddd everyone has accepted Battle Cry now.

  11. lol not me dmc, i still haven't hit a battlecry in effect :)
  12. Should be a reward 7500 or 10,000 collected cos 5000 to easy and top 100 you have to be extra rich. It's a huge gap ya can get 5000 in a few hours
  13. Can the sword be upgraded in the Mage ?
  14. Maybe the same type of event but instead of personal accounts getting rewards, its the clan who have to work and reach the goal. So when ranking is accessed, clan names are shown. Of course, the members who are in the clan, get the same rewards.
  15. The devs listened we said 3 weeks was to long
  16. Lələ cüüccüüü
  17. I like that you only need to get one item, and that it's only four days. Thanks
  18. lol k the economy is going to collapse after each event.
  19. That or you should stop being only cheaply semi-rich and aim for top 100 if you want more.

    Not all of us spend $$$ on this game to make 5000 "in a few hours"