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  1. Holy ****, ATA tries to give a piece of cheese cake and y'all mother fuckers want the whole god damn factory. Calm down ya greedy snobs.
  2. Give every player seal of damned. Ans 100% more gold @.@
  3. No capped mith sale please just like before
  4. 50% gold for every eb pls :)
  5. This would work too!

    People need to be realistic here. Asking for a % off lands, although great, is nearly game breaking in that people that have lots banked benefit WAY more than those that do not. This will not help the average player as the average player does not have *that* much banked.

    Think of reasonable ideas, people.
  6. with close time each wars.. I need to buy more miths for cast more than 4 war spell.. but buy miths at marketplace has a limits per 24 hours.. maybe devs can reduce for warring peoples.. (can buy extra miths for war only) example: i buy 20 miths, lose in wars.. at 2nd wars (same day) only can buy 16 miths.. and cant buy more for 3rd war.. only can cast war spell from TVP.. :(
  7. So many greedy people....

    50% more gold on HTE would be nice :)
  8. What I want for black Friday is delves to buy out my gh build. U give me 4 tvfor my build and I can convert to where I was before u forced me to tear build down . To fit into ee wars. You made it possible then you decide to penalize us because we strategized which is what it takes in war. You can't change rules in game because u realized u made mistake.
  9. @Berry

    There are PLENTY of people who have EE equip that have their big boy builds. What you just said was "I took the easy cheap way out". No one FORCED you to tear down build, you did that **** stupidly on your own.
  10. Great concept. As you can see by all of the responses it is something your community is really looking forward to.

    I think some of the suggestions are going too far, such as lands or buildings for half price. However a 10-20% reduction in cost is certainly more viable. People have different priorities though and you will never be able to cater for everyone.

    Therefore, based on my own requirements, I would like to suggest the following for Black Friday;

    1. Limited or preferably unlimited mithril sales.

    2. Limited Mithril for sale in Oracle for real money, similar to Crystals.

    3. Ability within Mage to sell unwanted equipment, inferno and aqua.

    4. 2-3X gold on selected but good variety of EBs.

    5. Increased drop rate for all items for the day.

    Many thanks for for consideration.
  11. X10 refund on guild sales...
    one year down the drain and lots of real$

    This really sucks we are supose to adapt our builds to what works for war then once we do we now have to start over with noob stats, so another year and more than $1k to get it all
    back this is complete bs

    i want a refund and my acct deleted so i can start over with the money i have into this build totaly not what i paid for this should be against the law any lawyers out there lol can we get a court date... bs
  12. That we can buy mith unlimited.
  13. This should be cyber Monday since cyber Monday has to do with discounts on online things. Black Friday is for shops in RL.
  14. I want mith sale! Or discount on T6 builds
  15. I would say 02 free xtals to all, with 50% more gold via ebs and discounted lands and builds
  16. Make the game more attractive by raising ALL the drops 3 times higher
  17. 50% Reduction in the price for Buildings
  18. Support for the mithril sale :)
    Id buy some from the oracle. Id Buy nobs for extra gold to buy some from the alchemist.
    Either way id spend money

    I want a stash again. I liked having over 700 bit just 100 wpuld be nice for what comes my way.

    I would like to upgrade the three pieces i have.
    Plus i have those damn crimson grieves :(
    They cost 40 mith to upgrase L2 and it failed.
    Ive been to afraid to try again :lol:
    Good times

    On a side note
    I hate those tree ebs. Mith to hit seems so steep nowadays. Oh well.
  19. 50% more gold on haunting escape
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