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  1. All game are buggy and hard to fix. Some bugs are made by outside source by introducing to the game their cheats. This happen to all games. My other game one time the bug so bad toke 2 days to figure out the issue. We can’t log on more than 4 hours we keep getting kicked. I know we like to look the worst of the game. Sometimes we forget the game is just the engine. We mostly here for friends that we meet online to have a joke with. The one we play against other players for laugh. Most players quit because they lost their friends and have no one in the game to hang on to. I admit I’m the most annoying on this game. To my close friends some may think I’m annoying. Most of them tho see a good of me. That’s why I play this game to be with them not what developers want me to play. Otherwise I go crazy to devs like most. Most here that complain about the game just looking for an excuse. I been stripped pinned 24/7. I never give up and blame others. I just take them as part of the game. I don’t like devs sometimes for being biased but the end of the day. They are not the reason I’m playing the game. My find close friends in the game know them and have fun. Stop looking for what’s wrong with the game. All games always have issue just like real
    Life. If real life is perfect we wouldn’t be playing online. We wouldn’t need to innovate technology to get away in real life. Don’t listen too much to those so negative in the game. What ever devs update today are not design for today. Most of them are pre plan as a business model. We may think we know more than them. Still we are just players here. If we don’t enjoy the game we wouldn’t be here for all this years. Go out there help new players make friends with them.
    I tell you a story a friend on mine just comeback after 3 years plus to the game. He asked WC if anyone can donate furnitures for him to help him hit GOTH and LOTL with his 22 million CS accounts. He was surprised poopeyerus, Alba-gu-Brath and _ghostflame_ given him furnitures. This kind of players you hardly heard complaining anything make the game interested. Very generous and helpful players. This make KAW game great with good players that build community. Most complainers here are those with big ego that chances that are participating in cheating in the game. Except Jax he does not cheat. He is cool ass guy. I thank those three players and you three can follow me and if anything you need I can help with. You are welcome to pm me. I thank everyone for making the game fun for me still. To those butthurt cry babies enjoy kaw the way you want to play peace
  2. Anytime anyone says anything negative about this game you can count on Musang to jump in and post about how its a great game and how everyone is butt hurt or a cry baby. Telling the dev what they think is wrong about the game isn't being a crybaby, the whole community already spoke on the issues with charms and so on. feedback and listening to feedback is what make games good and people appreciate devs who do that. ATA does not do that, they're run by greed and the thirst for more money.
  3. Exactly
  4. Petition to extend blackfriday sales for another week
  5. when people moan about exploits and bot usage musang will always defend them obviously
  6. Is the aevum circle pack from one of those pop up sales you have when you log in?

    I bought 10 circles from the Marketplace and was charged 10nobs instead of 5nobs like the OP states.
  7. There is an item in the marketplace called "10 aeveum circle pieces" and the image is a yellow circle piece. That's the way they are discounted, not by buying regular circle items. It should be next to the regular circles, if not try restarting the app (if you haven't since event started especially).
  8. I'm not sure what Musang is smoking, with the "All game are buggy and hard to fix".

    Dude. Any software project, be it a game or an application has a team behind it with specific roles.
    A game has testers behind it, who are in charge of the QA process. (Quality Assurance)
    The employees in QA log bugs / issues using different 3rd party services, we ourselves use Jira / Atlassian.
    So, bug reports, improvement requests and so on are all logged and categorised according to priority or/any other filter.
    These issues are then assigned into "sprints" according to the agile software model.
    That is, a certain number of issues are put into every sprint and assigned to developers.
    Each logged issue can be assigned to devlopers and progress tracked.

    That is how the development process is any company works.
    KaW? Does not have any active development, there isn't a dev team sitting and working on issues.
    We have 1/2 guys who make sure the game is running in terms of events and that's about it. All other bugs and issues are considered non essential and not a priority. Why? Because to fix bugs on kaw, requires development resource, which is used for their bigger games which are higher in the priority list.

    So no. Bugs aren't hard to fix. In my company, the last sprint lasted 10 days, I had over 35 bugs assigned to me in that period, most of which I managed to fix.

    Don't kid yourself thinking the lack of bug fixes or ecocomy balancing on KaW is because ATA is working very hard at it and needs time. Lol, it's because the KaW team barely has anyone on it.
    If they were to assign 5 developers to KaW for month, you'd see a ton of changes and fixes happen.
  9. Alright I see that now. How come it wasn’t listed under the Featured Items section? Also would I be able to get refunded for the purchase I made before or is this an “oh well” situation?
  10. You'll have to send a ticket in about it and see. As a player I hope so, but it isn't my call.
  11. Wtf do u mean the fox like creature isnt part of the rug!!! Im uninstalling!
  12. I hate bitters, autoclickers, basically I hate all cheaters because they don’t share. Then they are the biggest complainers in the game. Yes I defend the game until they share their secrets.
  13. What deals we getting for cyber Monday 
  14. Xtal cap still not off?
  15. SHISH!!!! Don’t say anything! 
  16. The premium pack items I purchased containing permanent % boosters now have no stats. Why would this happen?