Black Friday Deals!

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  1. Promos coming every hour! Ha ha ha ha ha!!
    No point of even logging in. You really thought hard devs. We need to see your offers every hour.
    Until you fix charms, I do not think so! Someone said it right. Take this offer and shove it!
  2. I agree and support this statement. I’m not spending either. Not until major fixes are implemented regarding charms.
  3. Would love to see stats on this years bf and last . Only thing I’m buying are seals tbh
  4. Thanks for the chance to earn more gold devs
  5. nerf CHARMS!

    Before BLACK FRIDAY!!
  6. No nerf no money for ata here.....
  7. I believe some of the measures taken to stall the charm mining include half price seals and 100% plunder boosts. You are right Winston, that will pretty much wipe out charm mining. It will stop traders dead in their tracks and thwart further imbalance. Extra levels with extra equipment drops will prove too difficult for miners to overcome.
  8. well for the first time in 6 years ill not be dropping my useual obscene 2000+ nobs .....charms killed kaw
  9. Good job devs. Do what is best for your company. Ignore this cry babies I love the swords can you give them to me for free?
  10. The way that the deals are delivered has to be the dumbest crap ive ever seen. 10 min pop up that half the time are the ones you don't want.
  11. No increase in refund when you destroy a building?
  12. Have not received the free seal and keys yet. Help
  13. Man. ATA really doesn't know how to read a crowd.

    - No charms balancing fix.
    - No iPhone X or Notch devices optimisation.
    - Game is riddled with UI/UX bugs, some of these issues like, multiple copies appearing in the marketplace have been around for a long time. A year and more.
    I can play this game for 10 minutes and list out 20+ UI/UX issues.

    I could go on, but y'all know the pleathora of issues plaguing KaW.

    I'm a game developer myself and when a company doesn't fix issues with a game that's been there for a year +. It means they don't plan to, or the don't have an active development team for the game. Which is what it looks like for KaW, we have one community manager to keep the lights on and provide bi weekly events by reskining the event with new pictures and text. That's what Winston does, he experiments with the bi weekly events by tryna change their format and talking on the forums but nothing else.

    This game literally only exists now to milk as much as money as ATA can make before pulling the plug.
    If they were planning to revive this game, you'd see bugs fixed, you'd see the game economy rebalanced to match the charms influx and more.
    You know why it's being so many years that things have gone unfixed on KaW, that it took them months to patch up the furniture clonning exploit when it happened for the 2nd time, or why charms go unchecked or any of the hundred other issues with KaW. The rampant bot usage, or ally shields, alerters etc?
    It's because this game isn't a priority.
    We even had an ATA employee post on the forums about how the KaW team from ATA is 2 member strong. :lol:

    You don't have to work in the gaming industry to see the writing on the wall for KaW.

    Don't take my word for it, check out Heckfire, it gets regular bug fixes, updates and new features. ATA listens to the community there, talks to them on discord an implements requested features. That's what happens when a game has an active dev team working on it.

  14. Do we have unlimited xtals use this Black Friday?
  15. DEAL?

    NO DEAL!!

    nerf CHARMS!
  16. That other post was from last year's black Friday. It was locked after it got necrobumped. There are not currently free seals or keys being given out.
  17. Be honest guys for 9 years old game. This game still great you can moon and cry like most. Game still fun to play make others butthurtI call this game Kingdoms At Butthurt. ATA don’t develop a game with that name I own copyright now
  18. I agree, these white knights who blindly defend this game are delusional. Any game that wants to continue to grow is constantly releasing bug fixes and updates. This game has turned into exactly what the devs want. Nobody complaining of losing all their gold on a strip, everyones mindlessly hitting eb’s and spending money on stats and furniture/charms that they’ll never put to use in the way they were/are meant to be used.

    White knight logic: I’m gonna spend thousands on a game to have stats that I’m afraid to use on another player because then i’ll get behind in an eb.


  19. An hour or more to open nk in most premium clans and its only sat. Proving difficult to even use up my old nobs, let alone buy more. Devs you really should have listened to the community this time. Sad way to let a good game die.
  20. All game are buggy and hard to fix. Some bugs are made by outside source by introducing to the game their cheats. This happen to all games. My other game one time the bug so bad toke 2 days to figure out the issue. We can’t log on more than 4 hours we keep getting kicked. I know we like to look the worst of the game. Sometimes we forget the game is just the engine. We mostly here for friends that we meet online to have a joke with. The one we play against other players for laugh. Most players quit because they lost their friends and have no one in the game to hang on to. I admit I’m the most annoying on this game. To my close friends some may think I’m annoying. Most of them tho see a good of me. That’s why I play this game to be with them not what developers want me to play. Otherwise I go crazy to devs like most. Most here that complain about the game just looking for an excuse. I been stripped pinned 24/7. I never give up and blame others. I just take them as part of the game. I don’t like devs sometimes for being biased but the end of the day. They are not the reason I’m playing the game. My find close friends in the game know them and have fun. Stop looking for what’s wrong with the game. All games always have issue just like real
    Life. If real life is perfect we wouldn’t be playing online. We wouldn’t need to innovate technology to get away in real life. Don’t listen too much to those so negative in the game. What ever devs update today are not design for today. Most of them are pre plan as a business model. We may think we know more than them. Still we are just players here. If we don’t enjoy the game we wouldn’t be here for all this years. Go out there help new players make friends with them.
    I tell you a story a friend on mine just comeback after 3 years plus to the game. He asked WC if anyone can donate furnitures for him to help him hit GOTH and LOTL with his 22 million CS accounts. He was surprised poopeyerus, Alba-gu-Brath and ghostflame given him furnitures. This kind of players you hardly heard complaining anything make the game interested. Very generous and helpful players. This make KAW game great with good players that build community. Most complainers here are those with big ego that chances that are participating in cheating in the game. Except Jax he does not cheat. He is cool ass guy. I thank those three players and you three can follow me and if anything you need I can help with. You are welcome to pm me. I thank everyone for making the game fun for me still. To those butthurt cry babies enjoy kaw the way you want to play peace