Black Friday Deals!

Discussion in 'Announcements' started by [ATA]Winston, Nov 23, 2018.

  1. No new levels? Why spend
  2. Exactly Faust. Devs, pull your head out yo arse cause your primary big spenders will not spend if u don't unveil new lands and/or ug.
  3. Don't worry, there will be more eventually x)
  4. What's the point of new lands if a small can just stack unlimited charms and be stronger than those lands before they are even released
  5. No new lands until I'm bc after this weekend lol

    Any xstal sale ? 168 xstal for 50 quid
  6. That's a vage statement there sport. Try to be a little more clear as to who what when where and why.
  7. No new level/land?
  8. I’m not spending till new lands/levels are released. It’s been too long, no point in getting gold just to buy OP allies.
  9. You big spenders realise the majority isnt even close to BC right? I am not even 50% bc and i am ranked 1130. I am fine with new lands, but cmon
  10. I’m not gonna get a nobility deal in half hour promo anytime soon to spend. Besides you run unlimited crystals and % on ebs once a month now
  11. Support but ill add the charm exploit fix resolution as well. No more spending for the sake of spending.

    Payment method removed from play store so not even a drunk spend lmfao,monkeys
  12. Literally none of the deals are updated for me. Seals still cost 59
  13. Try restarting your app if you haven't
  14. Restarted phone and it worked
  15. BC isn't supposed to be easily accessible for those that rarely spend. The majority of players who actively spend are bc or very close. Wins also factor into overall ranking, otherwise you would be much lower. Without new content for those that support the game there is nothing to spend for.
  16. Went to buy the $50usd promo pack and the game crashed. Now I can’t buy it cause it’s not there anymore :/
  17. Gold and new lands are irrelevant due to charm stacks and will remain so unless nerfed. Don’t waste money on growing stats or allies. Just stack charms.
  18. Sorry to hear =( The promos only last 10 minutes but one will show up each hour
  19. Obviously people are angry. Charm trading had some unintended consequences. It is unfortunate. But this is not why people are angry with Apes. It is your approach to solving this issue that makes people see red, Winston.
    You are being judged not for what caused the problem but how you reacted , how you communicated with players and what you have done, or rather what you have failed to do, to fix it.
    It is Apes mishandling of the issue that makes all upset and throwing you a middle finger.
    Now, do not tell you did not know. I spelled it out for you here.