Black Friday 2017!

Discussion in 'Past Announcements' started by ATABruce, Nov 24, 2017.

  2. No black Friday sale of furnishings!?
  3. I do so hope that you're going to use the proceeds to upgrade your horrible server!
  4. So are we getting reimbursed for the crux chest, BCs and all stuff we have running while you guys mess around with servers unannounced?
  5. Hey! Apes: no Black Friday lunch for you all until you fix this!
  6. Where's the PvP event? Please remember that the app store says kaw is hardcore PvP.
  7. What's gold circles thing?
  8. I am getting an error when trying to purchase seals. Where is building refund ata
  9. Seems that this event was not well prepared for. To many glitches. Not even talking about server crapping the bed.
  10. Double crux running and can't even hit on NK????

    I want them refunded please devs
  11. How are you this bad at developing
  12. I bought 500 horns to last me through the next year. I love Black Friday!
  13. The circle bundle. Is there an issue with this cause I don't have what I bought.
  14. Another crash. KaW is a dumpster fire.
  15. When will my stats go up for the 30 -50 upgrades I used plates on ....when will the leaderboard work? When will help button be deactivated? When will this stupid app work properly ?
  16. Missing out and can't even hit because the server keeps going down or something and error message keeps popping up as well
  17. Ty ATA for all your hard work, im sure its all worth it today as you line your pockets 
  18. Nah, I enjoy a good dumpster fire
  19. What I want to know is if nk will be here till Wednesday at noon???
  20. I think y'all doing great job ..keep up the good work Bruce 