Black Friday 2017!

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  1. An Agent of the Brandraven Company

    Join us for a Special Black Friday event.
    See this forum announcement post for all the important details!

    2x HTE / ROTWB / ZTA / NK Promo

    2x Bonus Payout from Haunting: The Escape, Revenge of the War Beast, Zelgarad the Accursed, and The Netherking until 12PM PST on Tuesday, November 28th.

    Seal/Horn Sale

    50% Off on Seals of the Damned and Horns of Calydor until 12PM PST on Tuesday, November 28th.


    Crux Chests on Sale

    Crux Chest and Gold Crux Chests will be on sale for 39 and 59 Nobility respectively until 12PM PST on Tuesday, November 28th.


    Crystal Limits Removed

    Daily and EB Regen Caps have been removed until Tuesday, November 28th.

    Introducing Clan Ads

    Send a custom post to World Chat that displays your current EB progress and contains a link to your Clan page! You can read all the details about the feature on this forum page!

    Have fun and go wild!

    Please note that due to Black Friday there will be no PvP Blitz (Bloody Crown Legend) this weekend.
  2. Just bought seals and it took 59 nobs not 29....
  3. For a couple of minutes after this change was made this would be possible. We'll take care of anyone affected.
  4. Same happened to me also bought one for 59 when said 29
  5. Suuuuure Trey...

    jk, like I said we know who was affected so we'll sort you out.
  6. What about building tear downs, will we get 50% gold back?
  7. Yes what about Build refund?50%?
  8. Where is build refund
  9. Is there a Battle cry discount too? like last year
  10. Xtal limited wasn’t removed. I just capped at 24.
  11. Crystal jail sux
  12. Xtals still capped at 24. Nice devs
  13. Im in xtal jail after doing 24 xtals hope you will fix it soon. Chests running out
  14. Jail .. lol
  15. Can you fix lag? If I cast a timed battle cry and it takes 3 times or more the regular time to unload well I’m not really receiving my money’s worth am i?
    I don’t really wanna play if it takes 4 minutes to unload
    Are you aware of this or plan on addressing this issue?
  16. I’m getting a message saying I can’t regen for 12 hours. Please help I have two crux on!
  17. I am travelling tomorrow and wont have time to hit. Classic devs wasting my time
  18. 50% refund please :(
  19. What a joke of a Black Friday "SALE"....if all stated even WoRkeD! KoH taking up all yall's time is it?!? Its called EfFoRt btw...