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  1. Guys and gals.... this forum is an investigation. A team work of everyone in kaw to answer the biggest question in KaW....

    Everyone’s favorite forum troll that we all love to hit... @saltyfoot aka sally “I claim to farm people but have never hit anyone” feet.

    He has no charms...
    He is nearly statless...
    He only trolls on an account only alts can hit...

    Let’s find an answe to find salty’s main and put and end to his annoying posts! Everyone please help. Post all info and help the Kawmunnity once and for all!
  2. Prize for finding his main?
  3. 100% satisfaction with your life
  4. Hmm I'll pass I'm already satisfied
  5. Lmaooooooo!
  6. He was olso askin ppl to hit me in wc  what a nerd
  7. I would imagine you're the main. You seem desperate lately to drum up attention.

    Classic scenario...start a thread like this and have your alts (saltyfeet, etc.) keep bumping it with replies.

    If saltyfeet annoys you then farm the hell out of the author of this thread.
  8. Yeeeeees!!!! he ma main!!!!
  9. Winston is salty main. The dark web said so
  10. I never asked lmao
  11. *Hops on statless alt to semi through shade*
  12. how do you confuse throw for through?

    Is that even possible?

  13. Oh no... what I have I done. Uhhh autocorrect
  14. Some ppl just hate freedom of speech. Lol. Not I.