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  1. To start this off, we are all sick of bigdog and his several alts. I was reading through ToU and 4 things stood out to me.

    1. Harassment - In extreme cases however, repeated negative interactions with someone that go beyond the scope of fair gameplay may be seen as harassment and are assessed on a case by case basis by A Thinking Ape Support and Product Team.

    1. create and/or use accounts through automated means or under false pretenses. This includes (but is not limited to) the creation of accounts with the intent of disrupting the gameplay experience of others, abusing and/or manipulating game elements, or engaging in activities that violate the Terms of Use.

    1. create an excessive number of accounts beyond that which are realisticly playable

    1. Use accounts that may not belong to you

    Personally I have had him blocked for some time now and he still continues to rotate his 4 ps to intentionally leak 1 most days, he cannot grow much because he is banned from half of KaW (para and kotfe) 😉, I had an account years ago called TheScottishWarrior, bigdog is still blocked yet recently made a new ps just to leak called The_Scottish_Warrior, if you ask me I would say that’s breaching “the creation of accounts with the intent of disrupting the gameplay experience of others” as it is with his other ps alts which I’m sure people will add 😊 and it’s also extremely obsessive how he acts with me, he continues to harass me daily even while blocked because even blocking doesn’t remove them from war cc and you lot took away our beloved mute button 🌚 my main issue is the constant leaking for years, it drives away new people trying to get into war and old returning and if the team of developers don’t believe that they can look through my pm’s with all the people I’ve been helping on the war system over the 7-8 years I have played, we all see it the same way it’s negative for us all and a complete waste of time every day, but lastly... he literally admitted he is a scammer, *, I can back up in detail any of these that he has broken but the fact the devs have turned a blind eye this long is ridiculous. Why on earth would we spend to have fun on a game we cannot have fun on because the team running it refuse to support these issues, maybe more people would spend with simple things like this sorted
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  2. Support ban that dog
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  3. Support. On top of that he is also extremely toxic and calls people names using a bypass in war cc.
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  4. He’s been doing this since early 2019 from what I remember. Support
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  5. Support ban of bigdog and his alts (@ichaos) etc. etc.. has always been very rude to me
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  6. Ban bigdog's account 😠
  7. Full support, bigdog should be banned
  8. Support or bring back old version of LL.
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  9. Support, I have only ever warred twice, and it's toxic and hateful behaviour like Bigdogs that keep me from continued war efforts.
  10. This whole message is so laughable in all honesty, you admitted to stealing from me, scamming people, intentionally leaking, rotating ps just to do so daily in wars, you know the rules as we all do, just because someone doesn’t forgive you does not make them a bully, you deserve to be perm banned for dragging this system down and constantly harassing me for 4 years and obsessing.
  11. You been sharing your account details and someone has stolen ur account? Thats not my problem, i have never and will never share my dwtails,
  12. I
    never said me did I? But we all know and you have admitted to everyone you *
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  13. And in all honesty I’m done replying to bigdog now, he is just trying to play the victim 🤷‍♂️
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  14. Face the consequences of your actions bigdog. We had enough.
  15. I spend most of my time when on this game helping people with/understand things about war, I’d actually like to continue that but even bigdog restricts that with the amount of people who don’t want to war due to ps leaking daily like him, it’s not a nice chain reaction lol
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