Big players hiding behind numbers

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  1. With the recent rash of strips on lb players and the number of veteran players dwindling by the day, it seems to me like a new form of OSW/PVPing is in order. Part of the enjoyment and thrill of KaW does comes from the fact that there are no shields or protections for players that would place them beyond their opponents reach. There should be however, some sort of stop loss on the amount of gold a single player can lose in one strip. People eventually lose faith and stop investing in a system that allows for such total decimation in 5-10 minutes of what took years to build. What chance does the average player have against big alliances that go after that one unlucky player? How can developers facilitate a better game play without killing the "thrill affect".
    I propose 2 possible alternatives to resolving conflict: 1) a stop-loss placed on the amount a single player can lose in one instant and or 2) a "1v1 challenge button" added to the battle tab that can be issued to another player.
    The stop-loss could be implemented much like the current stock markets places a stop-loss on orders to limit an investor’s loss on a position. A 10% drop in total gold for a correction or a more bear market correction of 20% could be used. The player still loses gold, they other side makes their point and game play is allowed to continue.
    Adding a "Challenge Button" would allow individuals to work out their differences over a set amount of time. The players would be able to hire allies only from each other and no outside hits would be allowed unless players are also engaged in an EE war. Once a set amount of time has pasted, the player that has lost the least amount of gold wins the challenge. Prizes could also be issued as well as the option for each player to forfeit the challenge at any time with gold lost as is.
    Lets see how all these big talkers and players hiding behind numbers would fair if they had to fight their own battles.
    With this being said, what about OSW clans and the need for warring on a broader scale? Add a "Clan challenge" button with one side having to cf before the challenge is won and prizes issued. This would bring clans closer together (no clan hopping for days away from your clan m8s for eb drops).
    Would love to hear other players thoughts and ideas on this.
  2. The idea of a closed off 1v1 would be neat. But what's the point of only being able to take a certain amount of gold off someone. You can always gain gold back,
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  3. I totally disagree, people like you are ruining this game.

    It's each individual's choice to spend money and time to gain allies, or to build the kingdom.

    They've done that under the current and previous game boundaries. To spend time and money on this game under the current rules, then ask for a rule change to protect your kingdom is kinna chicken imo. You already have buildings that can't be touched. Plus you can bank in bars.

    More protections for LB ally holders is not the answer.
  4. If your really upset at having all your allies and gold taken away from you in a war game, well your probably playing the wrong game
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  5. A way to fix this would to be putting gold in building and pots because you can't lose it there. If you do get stripped then fight back, show them your not scared. If you can't fight back or are being hit my multiple people of a clan then join a clan that will have your back
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  6. Only being able to take a certain amount of gold from someone would start to negate warring at all. This game is already becoming a game to see who can get the biggest number of CS (especially with all these events)

  7. The idea is that most players don't 1v1. If you're hitting somebody from a big alliance they might 1v1 at first but eventually and it won't take long they'll get their whole alliance.
  8. Post with your main to gather support.
  9. That's not necessarily true. It's not a perfect world bro. The devs shouldn't sanitize the game for you so you feel better about yourself. It's a war game.. Get in or get out
  10. Any 1v1 mechanism is too easily abused as people can use their alt to 1v1 their main and hide that way, becoming immune from damage.

    No one runs a large strip for no reason, because the attacking party must hire the allies, strips aren't free. If you do something stupid like try to take on an alliance by yourself, then you deserve to be returned to reality. If you suffer for not being in an alliance, tough luck, you have almost certainly had the opportunity to join one in the past and chosen not to. If you don't make the sacrifice to be part of an alliance, you don't get the benefits of protection it offers. It's simple.
  11. I bought the op and told it as much in AC
  12. I love the thread title, it really solidifies the irony of the post from a alt.

    Over the course of 6 years I've only spent a total of about 700 dollars, been stripped plenty of times that I'd rather bank in bars, pots and buildings rather than allies. Yes BFA is really good to have but when stripped it's gone poof!

    Easier to just stay at or around mp and continue hitting if you may choose.

    However that's just my opinion.
  13. Games been crap for a long time now...

    ....increase the hit range and rerelease expensive pots 

  14. I agree, and the modified ally spell should go away in leu of the rereleased pots
  15. Maybe my biggest NO SUPPORT ever
  16. @ OP... The beauty of this game is that there is a moral system. Each individual has the autonomy to do whatever they want at any time they feel. It's freedom, and with that freedom comes personal responsibility. If you choose to act like an ass you'll be treated that way. If that includes being stripped of your allies then so be it. It's your game bro you decide. It's better for you, if you figure that out here in a game than in RL .
  17. nothing is permanent here on KAW even if you do get stripped, hell just rebuild again & if you aren't willing to rebuild after getting stripped ...well yeah you should quit and prob should never have started to "play" this "game" to begin with.

    OP it just wouldn't be fun if there wasn't some sort of "ACCOUNTABILITY" involved with this thing

    What "GAME" would be any fun if there was no possibility of losing? lol
  18. Never heard biggest stupidity....
    This is war game, man. Not farmwill or something.
  19. Even if you did make a valid point(which you don't), you lose any and all chance of support by posting with a statless alt that you created with the sole purpose of posting this. More than likely your main was stripped and you are now butt-hurt about it. But rather than post with your main and be stripped again, or being laughed at, you decided to do this.

    But I'll humor you anyway. No, there should be no cap of any kind on steals/strips. This is a war game. A WAR game. Attacking, stealing, farming, stripping, etc, are all part of this war game. If you want to play a safe game where you don't have any risk of losing anything, try Pokemon or Candy Crush.
  20. A few tweaks would be needed. You could 1v1 an alt and take no outside hits and get free rewards.