Bfe should be count at wars

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  1. I thought EE was dead already lol
  2. Please fix hf glitch where you can’t attack or spy even thought you still have troops/spies ty
  3. I’m lb 12 and I just got assed by cr 5 who has 6 allies and 144m spy attack so you tell me devs should charms effect match
  4. I’m made famous in forums again lol yes this is a issue I put charms on alt for fun 44 mil cs ps1 with 60 bil in charms tanked all war couldnt be touched and fb eat Troops on 600 mil cs tanks with towers no charms
  5. Unfortunately this will never be fixed I have sent countless feedback only to receive the same old automated response. Best solution in my opinion would be would be to include bfe/bfa as was always the case & make rewards/charms obsolete in EE. Currently you know the outcome of most wars at matchup & they are boring beyond belief either way atm in my opinion.
  6. Let's be honest, when has ATA ever demonstrated any foresight?

    I have close to 200B charms. That's about 1B raw static to every stat. I can hit a BC attack build in wars easily, is that fair? No.
    Wars are essentially ruined right now because you have stacked builds.

    Remember back in S2 when equipment wasn't counted in match ups and you had GHs and small builds exploting it, that's what is happening now. ATA has to consider adding charms to the match up, else they're essentially killing wars off. I can move this 200B to a statless tier and decimate it, sigh. FIX THIS ATA.

    You have tiny builds that can hit top 50 ally LB successfully. What's the point in spending money to build BFA when I can just buy charms cheaper off the KaW black market?

    S2/S3 saw the rise of GHs because ATA took ages to add BFE to match ups. Same story, a few years later and it's charms now. It's stupid how overpowered I am, I'm winning full bar attacks on BC attack builds. Sigh.
  7. Oof. That hurt.

    Also support @OP

    Maybe also make trading locked during matchups and the duration of the war.
  8. Support. Need to be enticing new people into wars, is a war game after all !!! IMO war should be priority !!