Bfe should be count at wars

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  1. Before they complained charms has no effects, when dev fixed it,, they complained people has many charms , zzz
  2. Support it 10000%%%
  3. This is an old old old request. This may never happen unless rules say you go back to the war equipment.
  4. Lol. Like the oldest request. Started when guild hansels with super equip started ruling ee. But we have a dev or two, so ill throw my support in. Im not holding my breath however.
    Ps- Demon is right. If the best charms and equip came from ee, youd have enough players doing them to balance wars out. A few years ago you could tell who warred just by there equip.
  5. Okay. Now gimme your charms/rewards
  6. May God give you more Good Fortunes :)

  7. Support, war system is mess atm
  8. Support sick of getting my arse kicked by dragon heart
  9. Support.

    Also if charms and furnishings heavily impact pvp and wars, then surely the top of the 10 eq should also be available to those who chase top 10-100. We are the ones frequently warring who are at a disadvantage due to fairy events benefiting.
  10. Support 100% !
  11. Agree completely, it’s a bit rough when your cr1 has trouble hitting your opposition cr7