Bfe should be count at wars

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  1. True. Too many people leaving wars now cause of unfair bfe. Bump
  2. Support. Truly need this to even out match ups. Many wars are being lost even before war starts, looking at stacked players with huge charms/bfe in opposition.
  3. Bfe should be counted like bfa or buildings,we cannot touch someone who os statless but got 150bcs bfa but he can stay last cr on statless bracket amd kill a cr1 who is like 10-20x bigger than him lmao
  4. Although i havent ee warred in a long time i support this post 
    Nothing beats a tight war that is down to last secs to determine who wins.

  5. Need justice for this bfa not working at all....If this will going during war no new player will be survive...
    If You want to save game take action....
  6. Tyvm :)
  7. Yh would make a big difference 
  8. It makes a big difference because charms/rewards working same as bfa or your build but it doesn't count at match up or grow your strength.
    So if I have 80bcs charms/rewards it's = equal 80bcs bfa but not counted at all or it's same with 1.6bcs stats which is not counted during match up
  9. This is absolutely right these do need to be counted in, as they aren’t though cause the addition of charms has not been put into the war match making system as they are still rather new compared to the old war system we are currently using.

    This is on my list of war system fixes for a new match making system that I am going over and submitting and going over with ATA.
  10. Bless you for doing something,
  11. Finally someone who’s knows what they’re talking about 100% agree with this.