Bfe should be count at wars

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  1. Hello there are many stacked warriors at wars and the differences are extremely large.
    Bonus from charms/rewards must be count at wars it's working exactly as bfa or your build providing same power, so why it isn't counted during match up, how can a player with total bfe 10bcs attack someone with 80bcs or 150bcs is impossible.
    I have 80bcs bonus from rewards/bfe I can assa/attack players at 800-900mcs or bigger with 200mcs stats don't have any bfa.
    It happens frequently that one team has there players with bonus from rewards/charms around 60-150b and other team doesn't have why???
    Players shouldn't be allowed to trade charms/rewards after matching..
    This is my first post, trying to get wars more interesting and balanced so we all have a chance to win and not back down because devs don't count bfe and gives an unbalanced match up.
    The best would be that bonus from charms/rewards to be counted as bfa getting you higher in rank and have a leader board about bonus from rewards/charms..
    This is my opinion please help me further to make wars better tyvm in advance 
    The idea to make this post and try to get bfe counted was when kaw had just 1 indi war and I match up against xx___king_of_stl___xx I was able to get scouts in and not at max loss weird ???
    Then xx___king_of_stl___xx sko on me and lost his attacks again weird?? so I felt obligated to do a forum post about this.
    Example :
    Player "A" has 150mcs stats and 80bcs bfe and no bfa 80bcs bfe are equal with 1.6bcs stats because 1bcs bfe is equal with 20mcs stats shown at your build so total player "A" has 1.75bcs stats power but his bfe not counted he will end lower bracket
    Player "B" has 700mcs stats 10bcs bfa and around 10bcs bfe his total stats converted to build are 700mcs + 200mcs(bfa counted) +200mcs (bfe not counted) = 1.1 bcs stats power

    As we see "A" is stronger then "B" but"A"gets lower bracket and "B" higher bracket ????
  2. maybe thats a good idea
  3. Support. Massively need this
  4. Totally support
  5. People still war?
  6. Yes they still do war but charms/rewards making them more unbalanced then ever by not counting at all
  7. If balance war comes Dev bank balance go down y they do that
  8. Support.
  9. I m Supporting u DH.. really need to count reward and charm for match up
  10. Support this 100%
  11. Support, honestly though... bfe should also put you higher on the cr kinda like bfa also. How can you have such strong builds mixed in with builds that are a fraction the actual size.
  12. Support.

    Trade locks for wars and limiting bfe.