BFE, and hansels

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  1. I don't know BB coding so be warned.

    As many know as a hansel BFE is required to hit ebs, together with the player BOOM we discovered that this interaction is very buggy.

    To make it simple, I needed 800mill he needed 2.5bill static stats to win on GOTH - we found out adding a Circle of Elements lvl 3 on lowlands makes him win on way lower Static stats aswell.

    Essentially we found, that a CoE reduces the BFE to hit GOTH by 2/3s, we don't know why
  2. 2.5b bfe isn't much, especially for a player like boom so I don't understand the problem. Unless you're just bringing it to attention for other players different from boom
  3. It was meant for other players, but for some reason it now doesn't work, and devs don't understand what we're asking when we ask about it.

    Back to testing & annoying devs
  4. I was using an alt, I had moved my showcase to said alt and had put a big enough ally on alt so as to not fail actions. Duck and another smaller hansel claimed to only need 800m static attack to hit goth without extra troop loss. While talking whomever answered ticket we realized they didn’t know what bfe of bfa are. I decided to simply see what was different between our builds. He had a Coe so I built one unequiped my equipment and tested. I suddenly was able to hit without losing extra troops. Then an hour later I logged in and first hit failed using double the troops I had previously used with nothing changed bfe or bfa. Idk it’s just weird and trying to figure it out. One hansel need 800m to hit without extra troop. One hansel needs 2.4b. Both similar size and no reason for the huge difference in static needed to hit without fails.
  5. Are you adding the bfa too?

    And side note I been saying for a year "support don't play kaw"
  6. Achievements and clan stats add bonuses
  7. We included all of these - that's the annoyance
  8. Stop trolling you bunch of Asslets.
  9. I have a lvl 1 stable, and I think the BFE to hit Goth with no pots, never fail, was in the neighborhood of 700-800m
  10. I don't see anyone specifying what BFA they had (just that other BF was included) Did people drop allies?
  11. Have you factored in RNG and BFA? I dont believe 700m is enough to hit without pots without fails for any build, but rng makes anything possible of course. Not really enough testing to prove anything here.
  12. We ran multiple tests so it is not RNG: We factored in BFA in static stats - 820mill was enough for one account while another needed 2.4billion.
  13. What is RNG?
  14. RNG is random number generator
  15. Maybe it takes into account the spy vs troop buildings in each land to determine the success rate of your attacks. Having one DM troop building and no other would increase your required BFE on that basis.
  16. We ensured that the accounts has the same buildings - it fixed the amount needed for a single unload, by the next the 2.4billion was required again.

    It's why we wish for an answer from the devs - it's quite clearly bugged/ glitched, and has significant impact on the game!