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  1. Jac the arachnadian shield. Which the op has equipped and enchanted to level 2 is a static start weapon. The troop attack it gives is 14m raw. A coe is approximately 5m raw so my comment was correct. It is unlikely that 200b in allies would give him a troop attack increase anywhere near that so as I said what is probably helping him hit haunts without pots is his bfe. Might be worth checking before you correct me in future
  2. The thing is monster, you weren't worth the time to fact check :roll: especially when you say 200bil can't give 5milcs raw when it actually can :lol: You sir, can't ally shop.
  3. Thanks for the lesson on equipment, monster. But when you have to manage a stickied guide about equipment, you start to get really familiar about how they work.
  4. The shield gives 14.8m raw on troop attack alone versa. You going to tell me how your awesome shopping skills will get you that in bfa for 200b?
  5. The thing is monster, you're wrong :lol: your statement infers that the CoE remains a static bonus. Either way you also assumed a CoE will get you more stats than BFA, not to mention you measure BFA in cost... Another mistake. Sure your 200 bil BFA might give around 3-4 mil cs while mine gives 6-7 mil cs :lol: either way, you're wrong so pick one.
  6. Stupid question here. You say 2% right? So if I go to my allies tab, and say I pick my allies attack bonus and divide by 50... That's what my allies are adding to my punch?
  7. No, they add all of their power to your punch. Dividing it by 50 will basically add it to your own combined stats. Not dividing it by 50 adds it to your power/strength which you can see in the profile tab.
  8. Also if this adds to my punch, would that mean that if I buy allies in the trillions I could hit say a haunt without pots nor equipment?
  9. Correct, but that wouldn't be entirely cost effective. A friend of mine always said "only invest in allies the amount of gold you're willing to lose." Putting trillions into building is often a better idea because people can't strip your buildings like they can strip your allies.
  10. My answer before u was correct once I corrected it. Multiply it by .02 which = 2% 