Best Weekend NK Clan

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    Simple Thread...What Weekend NK Clan offers Most Bang For Buck?? "Per Player Reference"
  2. I remember when 1 seal was worth 5 days in a HTE clan.
  3. "side note" I cannot to save my life....upload an image to this. Is forums different now?
  4. There’s only 3 NK clans that consistently run NK on the weekends.

    One is ZTA-HTE-WTF where the ebs usually last 30 mins - 1 hour and u get 10 hour passes.

    Another is -the ark- where u get 12 hour passes and the ebs last anywhere from 1 hour - 10 hours

    Lastly is Gold Haven which is pretty much the same as the ark.
  5. Gold haven sucks one of their admins is just an obnoxious person
  6. Personally I would just create your own with some friends
  7. Thanks for the references and input
  8. ZTA-HTE-WTF is the best by far.

  9. 99 friends lol?..And what, buy a bunch of seals?
  11. Gold haven runs them quick and nice admins for the most part. I always go there with my main alts doesn’t matter. I like them and they go pretty fast. The ark is wayyyy too slow and I’ve never been to ZTA hte wtf
  12. One clan of 10 with 1 seal each will get the same plunder per account as having 100 accounts 1 seal each and running it 10 times. Assuming everything else even.
  13. My wife is part of the Gold Haven admin team and she says they are the best.