Best Wc/Trackers ?

Discussion in 'Strategy' started by -X1-, Aug 26, 2015.

  1. Sora §§§§§
  2. Aegis_Legion
  3. Guess i'll just answer this serious.


  4. Support
  5. /eagled
  6. Chucky/Ormey
  7. Hands down fonzi. But for WC and Tk Tommi.
  8. Some random noob
  9. _JaqenHghar_ & -Xx-I---N-Y-M-E-R-I-A---I-xX- best wc, trackers and players they track even when they ko or sko enemy the best
  10. Chucky is the best wc and tracker.

    The guy has a quantum physics algorithm for a brain set. He can figure out windows right to the very millisecond.

    Not only does he give targets, he's also very fast. The guy often makes the top 3 and less often, 5 in WR.

    Peter is a decent wc. Be careful; he might have friends on the other side and decide to mole for them or have them mole for him. He's dirty- everyone dislikes him even if they win because of him- why? Because it's a dirty win.

    wAdI is better than most trackers.

    That's all I can think of for now.
  11. _JaqenHghar_ & -Xx-I---N-Y-M-E-R-I-A---I-xX- Good wc and trackers yup my tier tho :) jaq is top plunder always and nym will be on top too if xtalled :D
  12. Im a good tracker :)