best warriors?

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  1. Who are your top 3 BEST WARRIORS/TRACKER/WC in your bracket for indi?

    How about LL?

    Top 3 votes INDI

    Best WC
    1.logic - 2

    Top 3 votes LL

    Best WC

    1.bluecupcake - 2

    LL I choose
    1. blue cupcake as best WC

    1. Indi I choose Roman best WC
    2. Best Warriors Gia/purych
    3. Best trackers ME LIFE[
  2. Lego super batman. Amazing Indy warrior
  3. I vote me for best warrior  jk but I think blue cupcake is a great wc and I think Harrian is the best tracker (I think he made the tracking program)
  4. best in ll?

    wc's Logic and zaul
  5. A280C is pretty great in Indi. I've warred with him a couple times, he's good.
  6. Shout Out To Logic, Taught me how to WC! Another WC I think deserves a shout out, Chewy (Spew) as well as WOLVERINE, WOLVERINE ofter WCs and Tks at the same time! Best Warrior, Jeffpfister imo, ALWAYS (I mean Always) listens To WC and even if loses he doesn't Blame someone he wishes all the best! Tracker goes to: Smooms, Cherry, or Harrian. All are spot on :)
  7. I'm the best in my bracket in indi and for lowland I'm just the best.
  8. Lol Harrison
  9. Purych 4 best wc Tracker warrior
  10. I vote myself
  11. Am I still allowed to claim that vote?
  12. LL wc - Logic and Zaul
  13. Sure why not.
  14. Sorry I spelled your name wrong ☹️
  15. Logic - I also heard he has a cute butt 
  16. Get purych off that list or I cri
  17. I guess Achilles was a pretty cool guy