Best useless invention

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  1. Hello y'all, Americans love spending money on things they'll never use or on items that have no purpose to society. What inventions can you think of that are completely useless to modern society?
  2. communism
  3. That's painting a broad brush
  4. The roller racer
    (who else has one of these?)
  5. Hit them with the 1-2
  6. Thats what dog pimps ride
  7. You sir, were born in the 80s...
  8. Fidget spinners lol
  9. Just look ok kickstarter :lol:
  10. Kingdoms at war (insert moonface emoji)
  11. CNN, I love your name btw United_States
  12. Donald! Not surprised you think CNN is useless, what makes you say that?
  13. Oh, first, let's start with how much fake news they pump out of their bloated bellies. Then we can move onto other problems with them
  14. CNN loves telling lies about me, they spread lies to boost their views and they are anti-freedom of speech, I mean, a kid can't even post a meme without CNN doing more coverage on it and getting more results than my supposed Russia ties
  15. CNN did pull a wonderful PR nightmare, I guess they wanted to copy Pepsi and United Airlines ("Although are prices are unbeatable, we can't say the same for our passengers")
  16. CNN does nothing but copy others, that's what they love to do