Best trolls on kaw

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  1. Who would you be referring to?
  2. The one that i got silenced for saying his name.
  3. Best forum poster? Hmmmm, let me think...

    Ok got it: meatwistle , always.

    Don't think his threads survived, but yea, best content posted, ever!

    (If you're lurking, douchenozzel, you best be saying hello boyfriend)

    That is all.
  4. You got silenced for saying the boogyman?

    Do we not all fear and hide from the boogyman?
  5. You idiot. I owned you on the rpl thread, and Todd farmed you, so you express your butthurt with an op mentioning us.

    Seriously. Go back to wherever it is Tryhards like you come from. This particular forum such as it is, is beyond you.

    It really is.
  6. Voldermort?
  7. Not quite hun.....for starters if u call 4 fb in 3 days farming u need to read the farmers hand book again n I'd hardly say u owned me...however I do know u annoy people and so does todd n roni so that's why u got a mention on my best trolls was a compliment
  8. I'm selling my handbook for 3.81$
  9. Done. I'll finally get all your dirty pictures.
  10. I miss Eric Nortman. rip

  12. Whoa now. Who....who told you?
  13. Prime is another guy who I've seen called a troll but yet again I support a lot of his
  14. A dirty troll under a bridge.
  15. Talk about bum licking. Give it a rest noob.
  16. How bad does your thread have to be for Anna Frank to hijack it? Lol
  17. Man, the pathetic is thick on this thread....yall get a

    for your efforts........just sickening that KAW doesn't have a decent troll this day and age....someone hit restart and try this again....
  18. "Filthy magot" I'm not a troll. I tell it like it is.
    Your goat eating mother is a troll and she lives under a bridge somewhere.

  19. Idiot 2Fb 13adp

    ...Skinny I've been farming this moron off and on since TSC -v- Yafi 2.5 yrs ago you were there for a little of it lol. All this idiot does is talk super weak coward smack ...ZERO inc he's my ATM and he knows it ๎”ƒ๎”ƒ๎”ƒ
  20. Nice try todd.....I can count on my 10 fingers the amount of fb I've had off u in a year but if u wanna act tough u go ahead .......your just another fail troll desperate for the attention