Best set in the game?

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  1. What is yall's favorite set(s) in the game? My preference is autumnal, aeon, malphas, and murk in that order.
  2. I love my Golem set...

    So my vote is GODFORGE
  3. Autumn, unless custom sets count cause there are some amazing ones out there
  4. Any examples?
  5. My thrown together set is pretty nice
  6. I do like the Raven set
  7. Aeon > Oracular > Murk > Summoner > Automnal
  8. Pm and I can equip my two favorite custom sets lol but most of the time I see others just randomly
  9. Autumnal and Thaumadrake are stunning.
  10. My set is the best
  11. Mine is kinda nice and fairly random
  12. My (incomplete) set is my favorite set.
  13. Iā€™m partial to the plague dr and witch sets
  14. Personally my favorites are the Aeon set and my Blodcyth set. Pitchwraith is one of the dopest pets imo
  15. My custom set is cool
  16. --pikachu-- set is the best looking I've seen, his custom set is nice ī 
  17. -sihin- custom set really nice ī–ī–