Best Player Status/Banners

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  1. Can't go wrong quoting Sun Tzu.....or Schwarzenegger
  2. Oh wow never noticed those words are a few letters off
  3. When was the laughter ever taken away yo
  4. Daph..I'm disappointed in you! No Nic Cage banner :cry: :cry:
  5. Nic Cage deniers make me sick!
  6. My banner of course…
  7. i think mines pretty good
  8. Try mine x)
  9. Jed how many times are u going to make best ... Threads just make it one giant thread
  10. I feel like the guy who made that phobia got the death penalty
  11. Kaw Happens.
  12. mine's pretty cool
  13. I like my banner, read it carefully

    For y'all too lazy to look it says:

    This account is not silenced for violations of the Terms of Service
  14. I personally like:

    This status has been cleared by a moderator
  15. Wow! Never seen that word before!
  16. My banner makes me laugh. I think I may have been drunk as I do not remember writing it.