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  1. We've all seen them ... those player messages on their banners that catch us off guard and make us laugh. What are some of your favorite banners that you've seen while playing KAW? (Keep it clean please ;))
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    It'd look like a bunch of mythical beast on unicorns riding into a battle field as if it was star wars all over again
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    Jedi you know to create a decent thread lol, will be locking this one for lack of effort.
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    My banner is the best. Not very clean though
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    He unlocked it lmao
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    I like my banner, it really just sums EE up.
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    I think kaw_community banner is the best. So fancy, and very well thought out design
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    Why ya gotta be so rude?
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    Jedi Y I thought you loved me.

  12. Top 10 S4 EE, and the top 100 quetzal hunt banners both have nice stats and look cool.

    Edit: I'm an airhead. I barely realized this is about status messages. Movie references are always the best "I am Groot"
  13. Jedi is using the power of the force to unlock this thread, it is mind blowing.
  14. I think jedi means status messages, not banners…
  15. All shall bear witness to the power of Jedi 

    Thats why he is my main character. :lol:
  16. :)
  17. I gotta make that my banner now. XD
  18. Woo hoo!!!!!
  19. I say everyone say that in their status messages! EVERY PUT IT NOW!!