Best one-liner threats from enemies?

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  1. "Pls stop. Farming me and I'll tell you I'm gay. Like really gay"
  2. What a stupid topic
  3. Teach me master
  5. Your name is on the ca of many clans to be farmed if u hit back
  7. Best is im too small for you too hit. Then they say wtf massive inc
  8. "I'll farm you everyday until you reset,I'll start with a month then go from there" 14 inc next day 7 inc day after that. The person has now quit. I may have farmed back. :)
  9. I'll get my main that may or may not exist lol jokes my retaliation to your hits is you never knowing if my "main" is real or not.
  10. "I know how to play I run an HTE clan, dont tempt me to farm you."
  11. I can't post many that my alt got. But it's fun reading my alts wall. FLINT_LOCKWOOD
  12. Hehe 
  13. "I'll beat you with a potato"
  14. Not a one liner but here it is... A guy joined my clan and left immediately, so I started babbling in cc about how disrespectful he is and how I will strip farm him and quoting my plans on hiring his allies etc etc... And then I get a wall post "I can see you..with my alt " I almost skipped a heartbeat :p

    It turned out to be all friendly later, no hits involved :D
  15. I had a guy tell me his hands were registered lethal weapons.. He said I could look it up online.. He also said he would pay my airfare to fight him irl.. No bs
  16. I will kick you in the nuts!
    -Eric Cartman
  17. Ori, I wonder why they would say this...? Hmmm 
  18. I'm telling my mom that you hit me
  19. I can't remember wether it was on someone's wall or mentioned in a thread or both, but I recall someone threatening to get their prison friends to find them in real life and beat whoever it was to death