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  1. Until you need it yourself - then it will be ok, right? Because you are "special" - I'm always amazed at the people who preach how you do - UNTIL - you need it - then it is magically ok. I'm not a socialist, but there is merit to a healthcare system more akin to Canada's or most of Europe.
  2. Socialised medical system and socialism are two rather different things.
    Having a healthy population helps a country be productive. The U.K. Germany New Zealand Australia France Germany Sweden Norway and many other countries have excellent health care services based on a social medicine system.

    The idea that everyone helps pay for a service free at the point of use isn't a bad idea it lets the people who need help get help means getting really sick doesn't mean losing everything.
    Do I like that some people will abuse the system ? No I don't and I'm all for them losing privileges because of that. However I'm happy to accept that may happen so I know my family can get help when it's most needed by them. Had a family member struggle with some serious long term illnesses that have required years of tests and treatments if they'd had to pay for those tests and treatments I know they'd have lost everything and maybe a few other family too trying to help.
  3. Canada in my uneducated opinion. (Not too familiar with the other countries health care protocols, sectors, premiums etc.) All I knoe is, America's health care system as of today, sucks!
  4. 'Murica, where the only ones with good insurance are the rich and those that don't work.
  5. Has to be the reason
  6. I would say the British have the best model in terms of per capita spending. Pretty much all Europe is pretty good. The USA has the best system if you are very wealthy and can afford it... but it's bad for everyone else.

    The problem with Canada's health care is that it was established decades ago, but hasn't been changed since. In the 90's, Europe was making tons of changes such as making prescription drugs free, while Canada was swept up by the American "we need to slash taxes for rich people" wave which saw our country lose the motivation to expand health care.

    Another problem is the length of time people have to wait to see a doctor. I think free prescription drugs would help with this too, as poor people would be able to afford medication. Despite this, it's still better than USA health care (except for cancer survival rates)
  7. The USSR wasn't really socialist. It was Leninist/Stalinist... what we would consider communism today. It also redefined socialism. Socialism only really means that you want social/economic policies that organize the economy on a large scale in order to improve the lives of everyone.

    It essentially follows certain (not all) ideas of Marxism. Marx was great at pointing out problems of capitalism, but not so great at giving alternatives.

    For example, in order for capitalism to function, the inefficient factories have to be closed down in order for more efficient factories to take a larger share of the market. It is Darwinian in this way... and good.

    But the problem is that when technological advances are made and when inefficient factories shut down, it results in unemployment... how will those people feed their families?

    This creates an "industrial reserve army" of tens of thousands of unemployed people who are willing to work for very low wages, because they need to survive somehow. This drives down worker wages because if a worker wants higher wages, they can just be fired and replaced.

    There is also the dilemma of capitalists earning money simply because they have money. Should a millionaire be able to earn money without having to work simply because he has money? What gives him the right to that? What about his kids? Will they get to earn money too, simply because they have money?

    This all played into the massive socialist movement of the late 1800's and early 1900's. These movements established the 8 hour day, weekends, holidays, abolished child labour, gave everyone education, and established the welfare state with pensions. So you can thank socialists for that.

    Remember that Russia was practically feudalist until 1917. Factory workers were a minority, and most people were illiterate, unlike in other countries.

    Germany, I would consider them socialist. They established the welfare state with Otto Von Bismarck. They produce many things and have very little unemployment... so I would say you are wrong.
  8. Sure ain't the US. It's in the hands of private enterprise insurance companies with one page and one word in the service manual " denied"