Best Healthcare System is........

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  1. Canada by a lot!
  2. Lol
  3. what about zimbabwe
  4. Czechoslovakia
  5. North Korea....

    Has anyone ever heard any North Korean complain about it????

    Must be because it's the best....

  6. Id have to disagree with USA being more advanced, especially in terms of healthcare they have the worst life expectancy of any developed nation

    I think Japan wins
  7. What country has the oldest men and women? Health+Care :lol: What good is it having lots of benefits if your citizens just dont care about their health?
  8. If you can afford it. The USA has the best, no doubt.
  9. Anything that is socialist.

  10. Thank you.
  11. Melbourne
  12. People say Obamacare was stupid, but we have it in Australian under a different name and it is quite efficient, recently my friend had an AVM which is a cluster of things inside the brain, a couple exploded and he was in intensive care for a couple weeks. It costed $6,000 per day for him to get treatment but they didn't need to pay because of Healthcare/Obamacare.

    It can literally, save a life. That $160 is a minority compared to a persons life.
  13. Because not having to work for your money makes the brats happy.

  14. Not having to choose between selling your house and getting treatment makes people happy
  15. Why do you think 3/4 of all homeless people are veterans, they lose everything just trying to fix the problem you damn Republicans started.
  16. Hrm... English? That is relevant... how?

    You're senselessly angry over a problem that "damned republicans" started, when in fact that is not the case.

    I'll just leave this here. Socialism doesn't work, never has, and never will. Those who do not know history are doomed to repeat it.
  17. And I will agree, the current healthcare system is broken, due to Obama. But Socialism will not fix anything. It will, and this is a fact, make things worse.
  18. Healthcare shouldn't be free unless you show you are producing too society. So bums who collect unemployment for a long period should be cut off. That's my issue with handing out benefits.