Best Healthcare System is........

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  1. Out of Canada, U.S.A, Russia, France, Malaysia, U.K, Sweden, and Germany, which country has the best healthcare system?
  2. Belongs on wc tbh. :)
  3. Why just those countries ? Why not mention Germany ? The U.K. ? New Zealand ?
  4. Probably the UK...
  5. Probably Sweden or Switzerland
  6. germany.
  7. Not the USA!
  8. Not America
  9. What about Belgium?
  10. There are many other countries out there with affordable and reliable healthcare. Not just the countries you mentioned op
  11. Americas health care blows it wasn't even completely written when the bill was first passed.
  12. There's a healthcare system in Malaysia?

  13. Australia's, easily.
    Miles better than the US...
  14. Yep, better than most countries but the plebs still complain.
  15. I think there are certainly flaws and it could be made cheaper. But in terms of care, you won't do much better.
  16. Anything is better than the US :/
  17. The NHS is in a lot of trouble yet is still standing and delivers quality (debatable; I know) health care for free.
  18. Actually the USA is more advanced than many rivals.
    The catch is being able to afford it.

    The English ( British regions vary ) NHS is great in principle and the best idealistic model.
    But it's lack of funding in comparison to USA paid for care limits its effectiveness.

    The French model is also extremely good and well intentioned.

    Nurses quality UK trained.
    Doctors USA or UK trained.
    Medical advancement USA
    Access to health care UK followed by France.

    Both models private and government need massive improvement and changes to last the next 100 years.
    And pharmaceutical companies need to be brought into line to reduce costs to services and patients.

    Sub note Thailand's care in certain areas has a better model of nurses able to perform minor surgery with specialist training. And the ideal of family coming into hospital to help with the patients recovery reduces the strain on staff and give patients some continuity of care.

    But just my opinions. :)