Best Builds For War

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  1. What Kind Of Builds Are Best To have For Warring (All Types Of War).
  2. All towers :p
  3. Not mine
  4. In all honesty, it depends on your playstyle.
  6. Attack with good amount of sdt
  7. haha
  8. Any other builds good for war? Or just those 2 noob? Pick on
  9. Hansel is always good, or used to be.

    Talking osw right?
  10. No support
  11. Well...everybody has 15/17 attack..300k/5m spy..real boring cookie cutter stuff..or ps to just scout all war...either sit and report inc from mids like me or scout as fast as you can as a ps before you get scouted to pin..yay fun lol
  12. An attack build with hybrid mechs is pretty good in ee wars.

    Attack builds can't attack hansels if the hansel has 0 gold out, but hybrids can attack hansels no matter what until dtw. I'm an attack build with hybrid mechs, a small one but still a good example.
  13. Best war build is ps1. Don't have to sacrifice plunder to war. I wish I was one 
  14. I don't know. Twicc's looks better
  15. :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: PS don't scout all war, if that's all you do then you're doing it wrong
  16. A good build for war is:

    All Balanced Buildings
    1m Spy Stats and 5m Spy Def
    You get all your allies which are Hansels

    As you go up the LB
    Attack Def Buildings (for greater plunder)
    1m Spy stats and 8 to 11m Spy Def
    Allies are mixed Hansels, and Hybrids.

    Takes time to build and try out in wars, and see if you're comfortable with your build.

    I used to be Hansel, but had 32% Attack builds 2/3 Balanced and 1/3 Attack Def Buildings.
    It worked for me.

    But as I progressed into EE wars, I kept getting SZ (Scout Zeroed)
    So, I built up Spy Def Buildings, initially 1m, then 2m now 3m. But with higher lands you need 5m

    But if you do make it into Top 100 LB, you'll need 8-10m SDT (Spy Def Towers)
    At which point, most Hansels and Pure Spies can only Assassinate you......
    One time. Maybe none. Because your BFA (Bonus From Allies) is huge.

    If you're thinking Hansels, do get Allies who are huge Hybrids or Attack Builds. Your BFA counts.
    But if you get stripped........
    Your loses are higher. Ouch.
  17. Oh yeah i forgot someone your size gets to steal after you xstal a few times!! lol