Beginner's Guide to Warring

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  1. The Beginners Guide to Warring

    This is a guide for all of you people out there preparing for their first war. Enjoy!!


    Table of Contents

    1. Common War Slang
    2. How Wars Work
    3. Tips and Advice
    4. Self Pinning
    5. Starting a War
    6. Before a War
    7. During a War
    8. After a War
    9. Types of War
    10. Do's and Don't Do's in War
    11. Places to look
    12. Conclusion


    Common War Slang

    There are a lot of slang words you will hear in war. Some will seem like random strings of numbers and others will sound rather stupid. The following are some common slang terms.

    Pin- To make someone "Too weak"

    Sit- To keep someone "Too Weak"

    DTW- Defender Too Weak

    Regen- To get more troops

    Full- To have full troops

    Xstal- Using a crystal from the oracle.

    Scout Bomb- To scout someone a lot

    Assa- To assassinate someone

    Plunder- The amount of gold you make from an attack/war

    Tax- The amount of gold taken away in war

    Strip- To hire someone's allies and take gold

    Pots- Battle items from The Marketplace.

    NP- Not Pinned

    P- Pinned or pots

    F- Full

    PS- Pure Spy

    Mercs- Players brought in from outside a clan to war.

    The following are number combinations and statements. They can be a bit confusing, but once you get used to them you understand it well.

    10/48- Whenever you see a 2 digit number followed by a larger 2 digit number it is usually the amount of troops you have. On the left is how many you have and on the right is your maximum amount. 

    "Insert Name Here" 3/4 10p- Whenever you see a name with a 1 digit number beside it followed by a larger or equal 1 digit number it usually means the number of successful attacks on someone. The first number is successful attacks, the second is total number of attacks. The number after that is how many pots the other person is using.

    Scout "Insert Name Here"- Means scout that person until they have 0 spies.

    Assa "Insert Name Here"- Means assassinate that person until they are too weak.

    Steal "Insert Name Here"- Means steal that person until you can't steal them anymore.

    Attack "Insert Name Here"- Means attack that person until they are too weak.

    "Insert Name Here"- Means pin this person any way possible now!


    How Wars Work

    - When you attack someone in the enemy clan, you raise something called plunder. This goes towards your clan. Whichever clan has the most plunder at the end of the war wins.

    - In a tie, whichever side has more fights, steals, assassinations, and scouts wins. (In Theory, Not Tested Yet)

    - To leave a war, you must leave your clan. If you do so, all of your contributions to the war are removed.


    Tips and Advice

    There are a few things that you should do in a war.

    Self Pin- (See Self Pinning Section)

    Have Pots- It's always a good idea to have pots. I recommend at least 500 of each pot if you're LC, but if not, 100 would work fine.

    Scouting- I recommend scouting a target before attacking to see if you can actually win. If they have pots, look at the "Without potions" percentage.

    Report Attacks- Always say in clan chat what you did with your attacks.

    Bank- As soon as you get gold, bank your money in pots. 

    Max Plunder- Always have Max Plunder in war!

    Joining the War- Only join the war when you are able to be active for around half (or more) of the remaining time.


    Self Pinning

    Self Pinning is the act of keeping your soldiers below 20%. If you do this, you cannot be attacked, stolen, or assassinated.

    To figure out how to self pin, first of all, find your max amount of troops. Then go to a calculator and type in your max troops x 0.20. Whatever the Answer is is what you need to keep your troops below to stay pinned.

    To self pin, simply attack someone until you are below 20% troops. The only negative to this is the low chance of winning attacks. But other then that, it's perfect.


    Starting a War

    To start a war you need to:

    Challenge a clan

    A challenge lasts 12 hours, and needs to be accepted by 3 admins to start. You then have up to 24 hours until the war starts. The challenger and the 3 accepting admins are automatically active in the war.


    Before a War

    Before a war you need to do a few check ups.

    Pots- Make sure you have a minimum of 100 of each pot.

    Max Plunder- Make sure you have Max Plunder.

    Build- Make sure you have an appropriate warring build

    Active- Make sure you'll be active enough.

    Troops- Make sure you have Full Troops.

    Money- Make sure you have no Gold out.

    Farmers- If anyones farming you, make a deal with them to stop.


    During a War

    During a war you need to self pin, make plunder, and bank your money. I also recommend using Health Crystals, but use them wisely! You are only allowed 3 Health Crystal/ Nobility regenerations every 24 hours.

    After the 24 hour mark in the war, clan owners and admins are able to forfeit wars.


    After a War

    After a war, the winning clan's members split the war plunder. The more you raise for your clan, the more you get at the end.

    To view individual plunder, go to your clan, then go to war history and scroll through the members. This will give you the individual plunder raised per person.


    Types of War

    There are 3 different types of wars. They are Plunder Wars, Friendly Wars, And Unfriendly Wars. I'll go over the main differences of them right away. These war types are not decided upon by the system, they are decided upon by the clans.

    Plunder Wars

    Plunder wars are designed to make you money. 1 Clan is filled with OSF's and farms while the other is filled with Attack Builds. In this war, the side with the attack builds attack the other side for free money. This type of war is very profitable, but rather boring.  

    Friendly Wars

    Friendly Wars are wars designed for fun. In these wars, each side is evenly built and you engage in a fun, but friendly war. No stripping, trash talking, drop volleys, mercing, or other "dirty" tactics are permitted. These are the most common wars and are lots of fun to participate in.

    Unfriendly Wars

    Unfriendly Wars are designed to settle disputes. In these wars, the size of each side varies. However, during this war, anything goes. These wars give out high thrill levels, but the danger level is also extremely high.


    Do's and Don't Do's in War

    There are a few things that you should never do in a war.


    - Join the war before it starts
    - Leave money out
    - Join a war with 0 pots
    - Disobey a leader
    - Sell your allies

    And of course, there are a few things you should always do in war.


    - Keep max plunder
    - Report your hits
    - Have pots
    - Listen to your superiors
    - Raise as much plunder as possible

    If you listen to the above advice the war should be easy as pie :) .


    Places to Look

    My Other Guides:






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    Also, see the Clan and Wars section in the help screen.



    This concludes The Beginners Guide to Warring. I hope it has taught you enough to do well in your first war! If you have any questions, comments, or concerns, just post here and I'll do my best to help you. Thanks for reading!!
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