Beginners Guide to Kingdoms at War

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  1. Re:beginners guide to kingd
  2. Am I up or op
  3. Would be cool to see titan's npi website included in this as well as the forum links updated
  4. Thank you sweet hope it helps it can get lost in the threads lol but it's there for its use :)
  6. Can't find 'official ' thread on this
    But the "free nob " deals really suck crap
    No way in hell would I share a credit card number

    Bad links

    Stupid deals

    Sell my money info

    Birds of a feather flock in crappy flocks of crap together
  7. This guide is wrong, we don't get 5 speakers a day :p
  8. I miss kaw_admin and kaw_community
  9. No 1 curr
  10. Yu curr nuff 2 rply
  11. What is HTE and OSW?
  12. HTE is Haunting, the Escape, a premium EB that pays very well.

    OSW is Off System War, which is fighting not using a dev created system. It primarily involves a lot of smack talk, stripping, and attacking the enemy.
  13. Stripping is when you buy a players allies and steal the gold gold away using the steal action.
  14. Bump for Nokturnal (and other newbies)

    This is the only one I could find but if there's an updated one that'd be better.
  15. This is rather old