Beginners Guide to Kingdoms at War

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  2. Hey, Just wanted to inform you that you should update a link, A dummies guide to builds is no longer an actual information thread, I(and WD suggested also) using the A Basic Build Guide: Revamped

    Thanks :)
  3. How many HF land needed to unlock Abbeys. Plz wall me answer. Ty
  4. Wall me the answer too pls
  5. How many times do I have to hit HTE with shadow hansel with all highlands unlocked to have 800T?
  6. I'm not a beginner but I know this would sure help
  7. makes everything clear now... my first post :)
  8. This is dumb, just make a tutorial.
  9. Why is firsting on a post illegal? Just curious
  10. I think becuase it's annoying and is spam we don't want it on forms
  11. Ya so sad. And thats me lol
  12. where is the forum and wat is that?
  13. Sk.abdula
  14. why? :?
  15. Things happen... Bad things happen...
  16. If you are interested in including this URL link I have been building this website for my clan, but here is our Noobs Start Here page that I created to help out any and all noobs with visuals.  ... start-here