Beginners Guide to Kingdoms at War

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  1. Really......
    KC you're writing a guide.
  2. Holy crap, how do I keep an ally for plunder bonus!? It takes forever to find one, and when I do it's repeatedly hired till its out of my range. I make a little money with the hiring, but not nearly what I would if I could keep the ally for more than a hit or two!
  3. You should start the game with a few un-hirable allies
  4. Un-hirable allies? what are those?
  5. Just allies that are given to the account so it can be at max plunder for a while. They can be game generated allies that are not hirable by other players
  6. -most hated question- why?
  7. Why did I not stay the game with any un-hireable allies?
  8. But new players don't grow bigger than max plunder as anymore is rather useless - persuit of power is no more. Just primal war no bfa required , no bfa less to be stripped. Hence save yourself a fortune there is no need to spend money on the game if you want to grow quick just follow me.
  9. Finally somone did this so we can stop having other noobs asking around in fourms how do I play kaw ๎’๎’๎’
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  11. Thank devs for a head up I'll grow fast with this info
  12. How do you do epic battles
  13. By joining clans. You work together as a team to battle foes, for gold and the occasional rare item.
  14. Maybe kaw community should let everyone knows what's going on? Don't waste their money n time.

    Instead of hiding the facts n muting the innocents. In fact the ones who did your job.
  15. Beginnrs guide to kill
  16. So ur saying we can hack now?
  17. finally..
  18. This guide needs updating