Beginners Guide to Kingdoms at War

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  1. Generally the Battle List itself is fairly straight forward, but we've updated the original post to cover this briefly so that players know it exists :)

    If anyone knows of a good guide send it our way and we can see about adding it as well.
  2. Ah the good days of kaw :mrgreen:
  3. You know, I really think that people should stop this view of "the golden age of KaW" where everyone PvP'd.

    There was NO time like that.

    Before EB's there were Pwars. Before Pwars there was farming inactive bots. Before hitting inactive bots, there was no game.

    Yes, maybe there was more PvP back then, but there was never a truly PvP game.
    So please, just stop this warped view, because it's not true. Even now there's lots of PvP, you just need to find it.
  4. and being a osf! i remember me feeding pot drops and opening in wc while having a 0/0/324k/324k badass full spy!
    i remember everyone in wc was asking "anyone open?" all the time
    it felt good helping players grow back then, it felt like a responsibility, of course that was 4 years ago, and many dont remember this
  5. Can i get a volley im broke lonely and weak of spies lol
  6. You devs should put a direct link to this on new accounts so that instead of actually not knowing anything they can read up on the stuff if they want to
  7. How to delete chat msg ?
  8. how to built the best build in kaw.
  9. Were u drunk? Cant imagen what inspiron can make devs to highlight ppl about this wonderfull game. I cant remember when.i needed to figure out myself.... lol
  10. Party in my dorm is better than this game
  11. good for u then delete this game and go back to pimd 
  12. Hmm it seems the devs owe me some copyright cash ;)
  13. I still dont get it. I dont get ANYTHING...
  14. Don't worry... No one really does when they start, so start bombarding your clan with questions!
  15. How do we get the new flags?
  16. The "Dummies guide to builds" link takes you to a useless thread with actually NO info. Fix that KC