Beginners Guide to Kingdoms at War

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  1. Good job devs, it's only taken you 3 years to make this thread to help new players
  2. Battle List? That's how I started lol.
  3. Thanks a lot for that one, well done 
  4. This should've been out when I started
  5. Ok. We all know devs did not mention pvp or the battle list. I wonder if that was deliberate or an oversight?
  6. Maybe because it's a BEGINNERS guide^
  7. I'm surprised they didn't put the oracle up first with a hand out for money first in this guide
  8. Perhaps you are implying that pvp and the battle list should not be introduced to beginners?

    BEGGINNERS are the ideal audience to be shown key elements of this war game. Early pvp experiences should be what motivates BEGINNERS to explore the details of the game. Those beginners will be very unlikely to taste ee or system wars in their first month...but they can do pvp from day one.
  9. bad.
  10. No the key point for beginners are to grow for the first month or 2, then they should be taught the idea of pvp
  11. Very nice thread, I think you should also let them know how to chat in clan chat as not very many are able to figure that part out in the beginning.
  12. Two months tapping ebs...then learn pvp? I can see the ad .. "join our war game. Mash keys for two months and then you can war". That doesnt make sense. This is largely a phone app game. The war part must come earlier than two months or you lose the attention of those who joined hoping for the pvp wars that the title portrays.

    Nope, im hoping that not mentioning pvp or battle list was a oversight.
  14. My favorite part of KAW^ accidentally sent...
  15. You guys spelled health wrong. Might need to get spell checker. Health Crystal devs.**
  16. Devs you didn't explain any part of the pvp aspect of the game not even how to hit Bl

    I thought you guys where working towards improving it. If no on knows how to pvp how do you expect it to survive in this war game 0.o
  17. I find it funny that it takes the devs 4(plus) years to make a beginner's guide.
  18. Hitting other players was about the ONLY thing I could figure out how to do when I started this game 4 years ago. Is there an existing updated pvp/bl guide already? If not, maybe someone could write one and provide link here and perhaps it would get added to the op by devs. If there is already one, then hopefully it gets added. Farming is what hooked a lot of people on game and it was the ONLY way to make decent money when I started.

    "Back in my day all we had was pvp..." cue granny with shotgun rocking on the front porch 
  19. Kaw_community is an EB fairy :lol: not one mention of PvP or BL